Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Value of One the Power of All

Another exhilarating day from Leadershape. Yesterday's theme was all about the value of one individual and the power of all! That is to say... when we acknowledge the unique contributions of each person, the power of we can accomplish increases exponentially! We - Highlowaha - are a GREAT example of this principle. Each day an idea is thrown out there. Through the valuable contributions of each individual, our blog site becomes so much more than just a creative idea a day. For that, I thank you.

Speaking of highlowaha. We had a fabulous day yesterday. I love that so many of you participated in sharing some of your favorites. It was fun to read and I actually feel like I know some of you better. Others.. I feel like I know you less well. HEATHER, I thought you were an American Idol junkie like me. What happened?!?! If I wasn't so out-of-pocket, I'd be calling you up right this second to get the low down.

The rest of my answers from all of yesterday's great prompts...

Hugs or Kisses: Hugs
Cats or Dogs? Dogs if I have to, but honestly my preference is neither
Beach or Mountains: Mountains
Email or Phone: Phone
Warm or cold weather: Warm
The Book or The Movie: The book
White or Dark Chocolate: Milk
Flip-flops or sneakers: sneakers
Kids or adults: Adults (unless they're mine and CSP grad is willing to babysit twice a month).
Italian or Mexican food: Italian
Thanksgiving or Christmas: Christmas
Homebody or Travel Junkie: Homebody
Cake or Pie: Cake
PC or Mac: Mac
Hot coffee... Starbucks, Cinnamon Dolce, non-fat, no-whip, heated to 180 degrees.
Chocolate ice cream

A couple more quick announcements and then it is on to today's creative idea for the day.
  • First, it has been drawn to my attention that Richard (my husband) and Matt (his best friend, author of May 1 blog, and husband to Cristine) are boycotting our blog. It seems that on the few occasions they have posted a comment, we have not given them enough attention by replying directly to their posts. So please, join me in giving a special "hello" and "we appreciate you" to Richard and Matt - two of our loyal and valued readers. Maybe a Richard and Matt Appreciation Day is in order. Hmmmmm... I'll think about that and get back to you.
  • Second, Cassie (not "P") had surgery yesterday. Let's all send nice thoughts her way for a speedy recovery.
  • I have no concept of days (it's Day 3 in my curriculum -that's all I know), so while I just realized it is supposed to be Whacky Wednesday, I am going to need to postpone until tomorrow. Sorry. Today's idea is too much fun to postpone.
  • Friday is the day we will all want to vote for Gwen Beauchamp for America's Favorite Mother. I will provide directions on Friday.
  • Taste of USA... coming your way SOOOOOOOOOON! Stay tuned.
Now to the idea of the day. I LOVE concepts of community! I am the cheesy one that wishes people still sat out on their stoops; neighbors knew each others' names; block parties were still a big deal; and on and on.

Today I was sharing a future blog idea with someone at Leadershape and he was telling me about the neighborhood in which he lives. It is a street with about 20 houses, 8 of which are on a shared cul dae sac. He rattled off about 10 or 11 major events the neighbors did together every year. SOME of them included things such as: Annual Pumpkin Decorating; neighborhood Easter brunch and egg hunt; road trip to the mountains for Christmas trees, followed by a tree hop the following night to view each others' trees; a New Year's day pajama party brunch; and numerous "Open Grills" throughout the spring and summer (people bring their own meat, drinks and a side dish and cookout on the grill of someone in the neighborhood).

I want to be a resident of Snowbrush Court! Don't you? He told me the reason there are so many events is that basically each family in the neighborhood has developed their own "Signature Event." Do you love that? So how about it? How about we all work on developing our own "Signature Event" for our own neighborhood... and then watch the ripple effect. If you already have one... share it with the rest of us. If not, get those wheels turning and claim your day of the year!

This, my friends and fellow readers is the Value of One and the Power of All. If each of us committed to starting just one Signature Event in our neighborhood, we would be planting seeds of community ALL over the country. And wouldn't the country be a better place if we learned... really learned... how to live in, and celebrate, community!

That is our challenge...

Signing off until tomorrow...

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