Saturday, May 3, 2008

Super Saturday: Stop, Go and S-E-R-E-N-D-I-P-I-T-Y!

I say that... "Super Saturday,"... because today we have lots of ground to cover. Usually I try to keep Saturday's low key, because I know most of our readers are out and about with family and friends. But today there is lots to share.

"Stop" and take a second to read this segment. This short little story is a good reminder to me, and maybe to you, of why it is so important to work toward being present and in the moment.

Yesterday, Matthew was home with me all day. If I had to rank the convenience of his getting sick on a scale of 1 -10, I would have to place it at a 1.5. Later this morning I leave for Austin for a week and I had 101 things I needed to wrap up before leaving. At some point during the morning Matthew got nostalgic about a stop sign he made while attending Prospect Preschool, in Kentucky. It was card stock on a Popsicle stick, but for whatever reason he was suddenly attached to the memory of it. He asked if we could make another one. I replied with what unfortunately is all to often my instinctive response... "Not right now. Maybe later." Ten minutes later he asked again. Again I replied, "Maybe later. I'm really busy right now." (and I was!). Practicing real restraint, another ten minutes passed before Matthew called out from his play room.. again asking if we could make a stop sign. I decided at that moment I needed to say, "yes." Maybe it was the realization that if I didn't he would keep on asking or maybe my conscience got the best of me and I realized that it wouldn't be long before my helping him make a stop sign would no longer be a thrill. Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I did.

Seventeen minutes. That's what it took. From the time I scrounged up the materials to the time I cut out letters, glued them on, attached a handle, and was outside snapping a picture... 17 minutes. Thats it. We even stopped along the way to have him write each letter of the words, "stop" and "go" before cutting them out and glueing them to foam.

The point... these requests from our kids that can ometimes feel like an interruption or distraction from what we "really" need to be doing... they're small. Rarely will they take more than 20-30 minutes. After all, their attention spans aren't much longer than that. Matthew played the rest of the day with his stop sign and today the time spent working together on the project seems priceless.
So "Go." Today if a child makes a request of you, "go" for it. "Stop" looking for the reason you can't. You'll feel proud of yourself and the child will appreciate your attention.

Next... Follow-up to May Day.
Thursday night (May 1) when I returned from brainstorming with Cheryl about, "Taste of USA," I returned home to find this fun treat hanging on my door knob. Then I remembered my thoughtful neighbor sharing with me a fun May Day tradition that she and her family practiced as kids. I love the idea, so I am passing it along today hoping you will file it away until next year.

My neighbor explained how she makes these cones from sturdy paper and then fills them with treats and anonymously hangs them on the door knobs of friends and neighbors. What a fun and thoughtful idea. Mine was filled with beautiful little roses from her garden, but she noted how you could also fill them with candy treats and other novelty items. I'm not sure how it ties in with May Day as labor day or Dea Boda, but hanging treats on peoples' doors in hand made and decorated containers... that I can get into!

Heather's Hair... After a big chunk of change; a desperate phone call to me in utter disbelief; and a healthy dose of guilt on her part... Heather finally got a stylish haircut and color. Worth every penny, in my opinion... You judge for yourself. Here's the after shot..

I'll try to keep this brief, as today's post is already lengthy and we sill have Dine By Design tables to go. I scour the paper every morning for articles or ads that might jar a creative idea in my head (one a day is no small order to fill). A couple of weeks ago I saw an article about a woman who was runner up for the Dallas Pillsbury Bake-off. It caught my attention because she works at SMU - an institution where I was once employed. Simultaneously, I had been toying with the idea of trying to implement periodic, Freebie Fridays," where I give away some item. I got to thinking, maybe this award winning Pillsbury baker would be willing to donate a free batch of her brownies. I sent an email asking. She replied back that she was willing and in exchange was wondering whether I would be willing to do something for her. Curiosity peaked. I said, "Sure, how can I help?"

This is amazing. The SAME woman who won runner up for the Texas Pillsbury Bake-off was ALSO one of 15 moms nominated to be one of America's Favorite Moms! Can you believe that?!?! Needless to say, 2008 is going to be tough for her to top. So, Gwen Beauchamp would like our help racking her up as many votes as possible. I told her about our loyal readership and told her I felt confident we could do our part. So, here's what I know to date. There are five categories. Her category (Chair of Everything (COE) Moms) will be voted on Friday, May 9. I assume you go to the Today Show website to place your vote, but I will provide more detail before then. So, how can you help? If so willing... place a vote for Gwen Beauchamp on Friday May 9 and try to muster up as much other support (family, friends, co-workers) as possible. In exchange, she is going to present us with an award winning batch of brownies - mailed directly one of our lucky readers!

Finally... Dine by Design... Here are the table titles from the local church event I reported on a few weeks back. Perhaps it will get your wheels turning on fun themes...

Big Girls Slumber Party
Nancy Drew Mystery Tour
Good News Club is Cool
God's Treasure Box
Love Bears All
Winter Wonderland
A Quiet Place to Think
When Life Gives You Lemons
A Garden Party
In My Father's House are Many Rooms
Wedding at Tara
Love to Serve
A Black & White Affair
One Nation Under God
Boot Scootin' Babes
Make Mine Chocolate
Hollywood Chic
Signs of Spring
Birds of a Feather
Rhinestones in the Rough
Wizard of Oz
Chocolate Elegance
Crowing for Jesus
Tea Party
Food for the Soul
It's for the Birds
Hometown Homegirls
God's Garden
Modern Trends
Damask Road
Good Bless Texas
What are Little Boys Made of
What are Little Girls Made of
Deal or No Deal
God's Garden
Friends, Fun, and Chocolate
5 Star Western
As Good As It Gets
Christmastime is Here Again
God Bless Guatemala
Jesus is Love
Here Comes the Bride
Flip Flop Paradise
Spring is In the Air
Western Jubilee
Poppin' Fresh
Remember Me
Heavenly Gathering
If Tea Cups Could Talk
The Old Rugged Cross
The Cat's Meow
Growing Together
Stones of Encouragement
He is Risen
Pushing up Roses
In Memory of Irene
Pure Turquoise
Monkey Business
A Family Tale
Designed Reflection
Love n Chocolate
All Things New
Plain or Peanut
Hawaii 5-o
The Joy of Spring
India & Rahab's Rope
World Cup
Coming Up Daisies

Signing off until Monday, when I will be posting for the week from Austin, TX...

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