Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garage Sale Fun!

First things first!

Heather is the lucky winner of the wine charms, guessing dead on that thirteen is Wendy's favorite number. Heather, if it's ok... I will present them to you in person when I see you in Texas on Monday. Can't wait! Thanks to everyone else for participating. Stay tuned for the next Freebie Friday, coming your way sooner than later.

This week was dedicated to the idea that one man's trash is another man's treasure. It seems only fitting then, that today... Saturday... we would finish the week off by celebrating a great American tradition. Garage Sales!

To be honest, I have never been an avid garage-sale-goer. I spend a good majority of time trying to get rid of things in my house, so shopping garage sales in order to purchase something that will pass back over my threshold has minimal appeal.

I do, however, have one fond memory of a garage sale. When I was in college my mother visited a garage sale and bought an old pair of lace gloves. When she got the gloves home she reached her hand inside and pulled out $1,600! My mother was generous enough to divide the money up between me and my two sisters. How about you? Do you have a good garage sale story?

And, if you don't have a story... how about a favorite garage sale tip for buyers or sellers? Tis the season for garage sales, so the more information we have the better.

Today I will stop at a garage sale! I will stop on behalf of highlowaha and our next fun venture... beginning bright and early on Monday morning. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for (isn't that a song?), but... oh, I'll know it when I see it! Tune in Monday to find out what I bought and why.

In the meantime, why not veer from your original plans for the day and spontaneously stop at a garage sale you see advertised along the road. Not in the market for anything? Then, how about magazines, bottle caps, and National Geographics for Wendy... or better yet, an old pair of purple cowboy boots for our favorite New Yawka, Maureen.

Signing off until Monday...

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