Thursday, May 1, 2008

Introducing Blog Master for a Day: Master Matt Struble!

As promised last Friday, in a desperate attempt to have male friends of share their ideal Father's Day gift, a drawing was held involving any reader who successfully got a father to post.  Cristine came through with flying colors and got Matt to reveal his dream gift (check out posts from 4/25 to see what he says).
So, without further ado, let me turn it over (though real quick... I will have some brief announcements at the end)...

Well, as blog master for the day, I have to agree with Claudia's concerns for what devilish items that I would choose to discuss, on this May 1.  When first notified of the honor, I couldn't help but laugh at all the ways I could discuss farts, beer,
the NFL draft, or something like the history of the largest ball of twine and who can claim the largest ball (there are 3 people who say they have it). It would be really easy to offend most of you with my humor.  Although I know that Richard Beeny would probably be the only one who would laugh with me and that my wife may not laugh but she would support me as she always does.

For my subject of choice on May 1, I choose to select... well... May 1.  Have you all actually thought about a specific day and what that day means?  Everyone knows what December 25th means but why does May 1 get the shaft because it is not a major holiday?  Since most readers of this article will be women, it may be of some interest to know that today would have been the all-female festival in honor of Bona Dea in the Roman Empire.  Bona Dea was knows as the"Good Goddess" and as the Goddess of Fertility.  Healing, Virginity, and Women.

With war news of Iraq and Afghanistan heard everyday; let's think about the past war battles of the Spanish-American War (Battle of Manila Bay), Civil War (Battle of Chancelorsville), or the sinking of hte Lusitania that left New York today and was torpedoed days later in WWI.  
Many famous people were either born or died today like Pope Pius V (d 1504) or Ray Parker Jr. (b 1954), so who you going to call... GHOSTBUSTERS.  Clearly I can go on and on about political events, people, inventions, etc., but the bottom line is don't forget about May 1.  So raise a beer or "toot" a salute to this day (come on, i had to get a fart comment in here somehow).

Lastly, don't forget May 14 as well.  It is my 40th birthday.  (The party will be in the Chica
go area).  If you are looking for a little diversion during our day, visit us at for the latest Struble events. 

Thank you, Matt.  As you can see, Matt is far headier than I am.  He's talking Bona Dea and battles while I'm talking birthday parties and bathing suits (God forbid).  

Ok... a couple of notes before I sign off...
  • A cookie bouquet was delivered to my house yesterday from a very thoughtful reader who wanted to congratulate me on finally reaching 5,000.  Now that I know I don't have to post a pic of me in a bathing suit, I think I'll eat one.  Thank you... you know who.
  • Heather, one of our most loyal readers and posters, is finally getting a big girl haircut... TOMORROW.  This is to say, she has made an appointment at a "real" hair salon, as opposed to zipping into Supercuts over her lunch hour.  She is a self-proclaimed penny pincher, so for her this is a real step outside her comfort zone.  If you are anything like me you don't get this, as I would visit a salon weekly if I could come up with enough reasons.  Some of you requested a before and after shot and Heather is nice enough to comply.  So here is the before... and Saturday I will post an after.

  • Cheryl has signed on to be my official PR manager for the 12 week, 50 state Roll Call.  Look out for her daily post reminding and motivating you to... Rock the Vote (does that date me?... Now you know why I need a PR manager).
  • Still waiting to hear from Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  The sooner they get on the map, the sooner we can start.  Does anyone know anyone in any of these states?  Maureen can you put a word out via Girl Scouts?
  • IMPORTANT:  I will posting highlowaha from remote ALL NEXT WEEK.  I am facilitating a six-day institute involving 60 college aged students.  Tune in, as it is sure to be fun and INSPIRING!!!  Days (and nights) are long, so my posts will be short, sweet, and to the creative point.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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