Friday, May 2, 2008

Free for All Friday: Highs, Lows, and Ahas

T.G.I.F. I figured I would take the liberty of finishing out the week in my favorite way - through the lens of high, low, and aha.

HIGHS: There are many.
  • Let's start out with the fact that I just came from Cheryl's house where we ate yummy ice cream and spent an hour and a half brainstorming the specifics of, "Taste of USA," our upcoming tour of the country. Cheryl has accepted the position of PR director (to be renamed something far more creative in the near future) for this initiative (and hopefully all others coming down the pike). I had NO idea when I recruited her the extent of her talent and creativity. All I can say is, hold onto your seats. What we unveil in the next week or so is going to be something else.
  • Treye coming up with the O'-so-fun idea of developing our very own Highlowaha mascot to travel the world, instead of Flat Stanley. I'm not totally willing to turn my back on Flat Stanley yet, but if we don't hear from Helena in the next week or so we will be in the hunt for something new.
  • I reinforced in my own mind, that while I am not good at a million things... I am an excellent talent scout. I can spot talent from a mile away and if I'm really on... I figure out a way to plug into it and then capitalize on it. Such is the case with so many of you... my loyal readers!
  • We finally found out what was the matter with Matthew. He was under the weather because he has pneumonia! Yup, pneumonia in May... who would have thought it? I've listed it under highs, because we finally know what is the matter and he's already on the mend.
  • Matthew has pneumonia.
  • While I might be a great talent scout... I am a crummy fundraiser! Heather blew the Big Give Challenge out of the water by turning her $20.00 into something in the ball park of $450.00. My plan... due to my poor planning (a classic case of turning a project into something far more complicated than it had to be) was a flop. Yesterday I mailed Melanie a check for $210.00, only $120.00 of which came from my Big Give. And trust me when I say... Cassie, my loyal and creative sister in-law was responsible for whatever success we had. So, thanks to Cassie and my apologies to Melanie... and Artnme for being under-delivering on your great and generous idea! Truly impressive.

  • Heather is getting a real haircut today.
  • Creativity is Contagious! I have been blown away by all the creative ideas and creative energy moving its way through highlowaha. I've seen it time and time again and it is holding true here... people are drawn to the energy and enthusiasm of others. So, keep the great ideas coming

Now for the Free for All...

Last week we had two people post issues for which the would like group feedback. First came Anonymous who is looking for fun ways to tell her husband she is pregnant (when the time comes). Heather and Stacie, loyal readers and baby-lovers posted a number of great suggestions last Friday. Here are a few from me...
  • Set the table for an extra person, with a baby spoon and maybe a bottle.
  • Blind fold him for a mystery trip to Babies-R-Us where once you arrive his eyes are uncovered and you can register.
  • In the dead of night, sneak a new car seat in his car to be discovered the next morning.
  • My husband, Richard's contribution... "Throw his golf clubs away."
  • Also... if you are of the "find out sex of child ahead of time"school of thought, you could create celebration around that too. With each of my boys, I brought home an blue and white ice cream cake reading, "It's a boy!" Then the whole family could sit around and celebrate and get excited while sharing dessert.
I feel certain our readers will generate some more before the day is over.

Second, Cheryl's dilemma. Once again... challenging. She purchased a second hand mirror that she wants to redo and hang somewhere in her house. The mirror is made from an old window frame. Cheryl likes a somewhat rustic or distressed look, but is open to lots of ideas. Cassie and two Jessica's provided some good ideas last week. Check out the Friday (4/25) posts for specifics As for me... I'm LIMITED on the home decorating front, so again... being an excellent talent scout... I contacted a couple of interior designers I know and begged them to post before the day is over. My one suggestion...

I worked with a woman, Rebecca, who had a similarly sized window frame in her office that was otherwise window-less! She did something I thought was incredibly ingenious and I swore I would steal the idea some day. She enlarged a beautiful picture of a New England road canvassed in beautiful fall leaves and mounted it to the back side of the window. It hung over her computer, so whenever she looked out her "window" she saw this breathtaking view. Do you have a favorite season, location, scene... something that brings you peace and tranquility?How about photographing the location and putting it right outside your window?

Signing off until tomorrow... (remember... Dine by Design themes will be listed).

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