Saturday, March 15, 2008

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

My sister in-law is a doer! Periodically I have creative thoughts about things I'd like to do. So does Cassie. The difference is she will stay up until all hours of the night making them happen. One night Cassie was at my house describing, in detail, a Valentine plan so elaborate, that if left up to me, we would still be working on to this day. Part - and I do mean, part - of the idea involved baking and decorating fish-shaped cookies.

When she was telling me of her "design" I was suddenly reminded of the box of cookie cutters and cookie craft projects I so ambitiously subscribed to while living in Athens. I was under the illusion, while working on my Ph.D., that I was going to have all kinds of extra time to bake cookies for my neighbors, friends, family, classmates, son's classmates. In my mind, everyone and anyone I wanted to thank was going to receive hand baked cookies. I subscribed to a series of cookie recipes to arrive at my door step monthly. Each package contained recipes, packaging ideas, cookie cutters, and sugars or sprinkles for decorating the cookies. It didn't take long before the company-issued cookie box was filled... pristine and barely used. The magical box moved with me from Georgia to Kentucky and then from Kentucky to Texas, always with the hope I might someday put the ideas to good use. Enter the picture, Cassie.

I'd found the perfect home for my cookie box of ideas. No more guilt about not using them.

The next morning I snuck to Cassie's home with all the contents in a big white gift box, bearing a note on top... "Help! In Search of A Yummy Home." I left it on her doorstep with a the requisite gingerbread latte from Starbucks, rang the door bell and ran! Finally the cookie box and accompanying supplies had been placed with the PERFECT home! Kind of.

Cassie called me the same day to explain that the only way she would let the box reside at her home is with the promise from me that each month we would get together to create a cookie project inspired by the box. Can you believe it?! For years this box sat dormant in my cabinet and now I'm into this thing MONTHLY! So here I go. Cassie hosted February's project and tomorrow I will host the project for the month of March. What I love about this arrangement is that we will be doing it together (and this month we've invited a third friend). I like the idea of surprising someone with baked goods, but I love it even more if I can do it with friends. I will report on Monday about what we created and whether or not I was successful in passing the box off again.

As for February's creation... Picture a fishing pole made from a a sturdy stick; strung with string to look like fishing wire; red and white fishing bobbers (perfectly valentine's day); bright colored valentine notes reading things such as "Hook, Line, and Sinker you're the best." or "You're a REEL catch."; and on the very end... cellophane bags filled with brightly colored fish-shaped cookies. Cute, cute, cute. I felt like a rock star walking in to Preschool on Valentine's day. There was a long string of admirers following behind my four year old son as he traipsed through the hallways on his way to deliver the treats to his teachers. All thanks to Cassie, the visionary for the project.

Signing off until Monday...

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