Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Trails to Stanley

Good Morning. I trust everyone had a good Easter and hope that at least one of you was able to use a fun Easter idea generated by our readers. We tried the color coded Easter egg hunt, allowing my youngest son a fighting chance against the older two. There was no fighting and no bleeding, so two thumbs up from the Beeny household. Last week was fun for me. All things green.... Monday, Shamrock Shakes; Tuesday, Flowers and Plants; Wednesday, Whack on the Side of the Head; Thursday, My Great Day Green Plate; Friday, Show Me the Money; and Saturday, Green the Red Hot New Color. If you missed any, you might briefly check them out. Three friends served as contributing writers and that made for some extra fun.

Today, Texas bids farewell to Flat Stanley and boards a plane for Canada, where he will be met by our very own blog reader, Helena! Our most loyal readers might remember a blog titled, One, Two, Three... Cheese (2/22). I told of my adventures hosting many a Flat Stanley for friends whose children are in elementary school. Hosting Flat Stanley is great fun, as it requires you to take Stanley on an adventure and then send a postcard telling the story of his trip.

Helena, one of our earliest blog readers lamented that she felt cheated for never having been asked to host a Flat Stanley. That was all I needed to hear! I started thinking... wouldn't it be great if we... highlowaha blog readers could start our own Flat Stanley. Surely this creative and loyal readership can think up some great adventures and keep Stanley moving. Thus, the idea was born and here we are, Monday, March 24, sending Stanley off on the first of his adventures.

Helena will host him first, taking him on some uniquely Canadian experience and then sending him off to the next willing reader (hint, hint... this is where you all come in and volunteer to get in the queue for next host). Once Helena has taken him on an adventure, she will send me a photograph and brief tale of his experience. I will post it on the blog site for everyone to see and then we will move on to the next willing host. This will be fun, fun, fun! Think of it. We can live vicariously through Stanley... and all because Helena was unwilling to go a lifetime without joining in this fun.

One more note before signing off. If we can get Flat Stanley around the world (and I believe we can) then I know we can get 5,000 hits on my blog. Once we hit that magic number, I get to share the story behind why the site is names highlowaha (I do believe it is one of my better ideas... should that sweeten the pot for you at all). To date we have 1,503. That means we need another 3,497. You might remember, my goal is April 16. One of our readers posted that date as her prediction and I'm wed to it, because it happens to be one of my son's birthdays. This will be virtually impossible if each of us continues to read at the rate we are currently reading. BUT, if each of us emails the site to just one more person than we will be well on our way.

Ok. That's it for today. Thanks for keeping this such fun. Signing off for today...

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