Thursday, March 27, 2008

Only Four Days Left

Today I am going to be short, sweet, and to the point.  No pictures (which is unfortunate , because today's entry really lends itself to pictures), no wit - just my no-frills idea.  All signs would suggest I have the flu.  The only thing I really want to expend creative energy on is how I can get back in bed as quickly as possible, with the boys dressed, fed, and at school.

Only four days left until the month of March is over.  What with St. Patrick's Day and Easter, it would be very easy to forget that March is also the month we celebrate Women's History.  Now I am no Gloria Steinam, but I do think it's nice to acknowledge the women who came before us and the contributions they made.

The idea... sometime between now and Sunday host a family dinner celebrating special women in your family's history.  Here are a few ideas to get you going and then - today of all days - I will count on some of you to post additional suggestions:

  • Dig out old photographs of aunts, grandmothers, sisters, or your mom to be displayed at the dinner table.  You can mount them on thick paper and then have each person read a one or two line fact written on the back.
  • Feature a special recipe of one of these women and then spend time talking about who else they were besides cook extraordinaire... special interests, significant accomplishments, etc...
  • Generate questions you would like to ask women in your family, so beginning today, you can preserve history for tomorrow.  If you have kids, they might find this this especially fun. 
  • Host a special woman in your family's history.  History doesn't have to mean deceased, so pick up the phone and invite a grandmother, aunt or sister for dinner or dessert.  Let each person think of a question they might like to ask. 
  • If you're not married with kids, make a dinner date with your friends.  Each of you can bring a photograph of one women in your family history who you would like to talk about over dinner.

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