Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Make Them Green With Envy

This blog is a space dedicated to ideas. On a good day, I like to think it helps bring a little bit of wonder or cheer into the lives of people around us. St. Patrick's Day is a fun occasion around which to do this because there is no expectation for giving or receiving (unless of course you're Irish and then there's the whole kiss or pinch thing going on). All the more reason to gear up for brightening someone's day with a little unexpected cheer. But to do this, and NOT have it become a stressor, planning is essential.

With St. Patrick's Day six days away, we still have plenty of time. Pick a person or two you would like to surprise and join me in brainstorming some thoughtful and inexpensive ways to makes someone else's day. As for me... I think my treats will go to my sons' day care providers (always want them to feel valued and appreciated) and the postman. Others you might consider include people such as new neighbors; a colleague; the person who greets you at the gym each morning; a housekeeper or gardener; or the mother at the park that you see weekly, but haven't yet met.

I like to begin brainstorming possible treat ideas with the fun slogan or saying that I will attach. Here are some of my attempts. Feel free to post your own creative ideas...
  • You're Worth Your Weight In Gold
  • I'm Lucky to Know You 
  • Top of the Morning To You
  • You're my Lucky Charm
  • Others are Green With Envy... thanks for being such a good friend, colleague, housekeeper, etc...

More times than not, the fun slogan will prompt ideas about a fun treat you can present. Some examples...
  • "You're worth your weight in gold" could be accompanied by Hershey's gold nugget candies, the gold candy coins you can purchase at specialty candy stores, or a gold dollar.
  • "I'm lucky to know you" can simply be written on a shamrock shaped piece of green construction paper or, if feeling diligent, attached to a bag of shamrock shaped cookies.
  • "Top of the Morning to you" could be written in green marker on a Starbucks coffee cup for your favorite colleague or written on a green top hat and hung on someone's door knob.
  • "Your My Lucky Charm" lends itself perfectly to a rabbit's foot key chain or better yet a yummy box of lucky charms on your breakfast table (that would be a hit among my kids!).
  • "Others are green with envy" is a general slogan that can accompany any green treat from fun socks to a green potted plant.

Either way you have plenty of time to plan. Today is Tuesday. You can mill the ideas over today; Wednesday commit to one or two; Thursday make a list of what you need to purchase; Friday make purchases; Saturday bake or put together packages; Sunday... always the day of rest, and Monday... make their day with a thoughtful presentation.
Signing off for today…

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