Friday, March 28, 2008

Free For All Friday

Good morning and T.G.I.F!  Thanks to all the well wishers.  I am feeling much better than yesterday at time and last night my sister and niece flew into town, so things are looking up!

Today, in another Free For All Friday, we wrap up our suggestions for Cristine who is coordinating a golfing blowout for her husband's 40th birthday and then we move on to our next challenge.  Cristine... I've thought a lot about this over the week, and because you are so creative in your own right, it made the challenge especially hard. 
Cassie kicked the brainstorming off last week with the suggestion of towels, t-shirts, luggage tags (for which I know a very talented woman who might be willing.  She does this as a side business), and beer buckets filled with tees and balls.  Then Cheryl acquainted us with - a fun web site for purchasing imprinted items on a smaller scale.  Both good and helpful suggestions.

I was hard-pressed to come up with something new and improved.  I am kind of practical so my inclination was to steer away from reasonably priced chatchka that guys may or may not keep. Instead here's what I have...
  • How about renting a photo booth to be positioned somewhere on the course (preferably the back nine - after everyone has had enough time to "loosen up")?  Pals could take fun group shots to commemorate the day's events.  Pictures are great keepsakes.
  • If the idea of a photo booth seems impractical, maybe you could hire a photographer to spend an hour or two taking pics on the course.  Most companies that do this can imprint an event name (Struble Suds Golf Tournament), date, etc....
  • Rather than everyone getting a small chatchka, maybe you could purchase two or three larger items.  Prizes could be awarded at the 19th hole to the lucky guys who have some kind of dot or insignia on the bottom of their beer mug. 
And finally... the most award winning idea for which I can take no credit.  My husband thought of this and I think it's perfect (in fact, if you don't do it he probably will)...

  • To develop this idea I whacked Richard on the side of the head (fun visual, huh) and employed the idea of "reverse" (see 3/11).  Instead of believing that YOU need to leave everyone with a party favor, reverse the thinking and contemplate everyone leaving something that will stay with you! Richard's idea... Purchase a pewter or silver beer mug. Then, have the name of everyone attending the 40th birthday celebration engraved along the side.  The mug can be prominently placed in Struble Suds for all the guys to see each time they visit!  I love this idea, as it commemorates the celebration in a way that will have meaning to Matt.  ...It is after all a celebration of him! 
  • Anybody else have something?!?!?  Now is the time to chime in.
O.K. Onto the challenge for this week...

When talking about storing items (3/25), Tera posed a great challenge.  She wrote..."What do you suggest for keeping things organized in a small apartment?  I work as a hall director, so I live in a university apartment.  I don't have the luxury of a garage or attic like most of you."

So there it is... our challenge for the week.  Storage solutions for the space-challenged.  You all take your best crack at it and I'll post my response next Friday.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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