Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eye Spy

So, yes... our housekeeper did show up yesterday.  This means our house is looking and smelling especially clean, but as you know, it also means we'll be picking an economical activity for Fun In the Box Friday.

I spent nine and a half hours in the airport yesterday, so I am not feeling especially creative this morning, but in the spirit of the blog (creativity is easy, accessible, and everywhere) I will post some food for thought.  The fun thing about an airport is watching all the people walk by - each with a different story about why they are there and each with a different sense of fashion, a different book or magazine they are reading, different fast food they are eating and the list goes on.  In my mind these are the PERFECT circumstances for playing Eye Spy.

Eye Spy is a game I play with my boys when we are waiting in a restaurant; sitting outside of Block Buster waiting for dad to rent a movie; standing in line at Target or a clothing store. Virtually anywhere you are, that you have some time to kill and nothing to entertain you, you have perfect circumstances for playing Eye Spy (like the airport for nine hours). The added benefit... it challenges the creativity of your children and even makes them more observant.

The rules are easy.  Set your sights on something/anything around you... purple sneakers, a red scarf, a Yankees baseball cap, a fire hydrant, a yellow and black car; the symbol for handicapped, or an American flag.  The list is truly endless....  Then turn to the person with whom you are playing and say, "I spy with my eye, a yellow letter "M.""... or whatever else you see from the list of infinity.  Then, it is the job of your opponent to see if they can spot the i item. Once they've spotted your item, it is there turn to have you spot something they spy.

This game isn't complicated.  It requires no batteries and it probably will not be voted game of the year by the Mensa Society, but it will keep you and your family and friends entertained while you wait your turn.  A nine hour wait at the airport was the perfect place to play this game yesterday.  To bad the Eye-spy-a-man-with-an-Ipod-and-UT-sweatshirt- didn't appear all that interested in playing and that my family was at home patiently waiting for my return.

Have a good Thursday.  By the way, I spy a misplaced lower case letter "i" somewhere in the text.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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