Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ice cream Sundae!

If you know me at all, it will not surprise you to know that our week is topped off with an ice cream sundae. In fact, I do believe that my appointing a different activity to each day began with the need for some excuse to have ice cream at least once a week. I spent years working at Haagen Dazs as a teenager and in college and then more years, in the late 80's when frozen yogurt was hitting the scene, working at Yogurt Oasis - the favorite hangout for college students in Tempe, Arizona. Even when I was floating around the world on a ship for a semester, two shipmates and I spent hours daydreaming about finally being reunited with Ben and Jerry. I know ice cream!

So every Sunday night we break out all the works and create our sundaes. Ice cream, hot sauce, sprinkles, whip cream, and topped off with a cherry. Oooohhh, sometimes there are variations. If we bake brownies during the weekend, they become brownie sundaes; a delivery of Girl Scout Cookies means a special think mint cookie topping for the house; Christmas time 'tis the season for snowman sundaes; and when feeling like especially responsible parents we throw on some fruit such as strawberries or bannnas.

Ice Cream Sundae is made more special because of the bowls we use. Our close, close friends from Georgia know of our love for ice cream and six years ago presented us with personalized bowls for each family member. At that time it meant three bowls - one for me, one for Richard, and one for Ricky. Two years later a matching bowl showed up with Matthew's name on it, and this past Christmas a final bowl was added to the collection for Jack... and I do mean THE FINAL BOWL.

Tonight we have a visitor flying into town from Kentucky. Maybe we'll celebrate with Derby Pie Sundaes - pecans, carmel, chocolate, and... bourbon!

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