Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green - The Red Hot New Color

Again today I contracted out to one of my talented friends to bring you red hot tips for this season's "go-green" trends.  I had the privilege of working with Katie at Bellarmine University where I frequently introduced her to people as my "fashion mentor."  She is the kind of person who looks great even when zipping in and out of the supermarket.  Katie has since moved to Iowa, where I am sure she even makes parkas chic.  One disclaimer before I turn it over to Katie.  She did yeoman's work pulling photographs from various websites.  My limited technological skills prevented me from getting the photos from her email to my blog.  Instead I included the websites, so you could travel there in your free time.  Sorry.  Here goes Katie...

I am looking out my window as I type this, and feeling relief to see that my lawn has finally emerged after 5 months of being blanketed by snow and ice.  There were times when I never thought I would see a green lawn again.  But now the snow has melted, and although my grass is currently the color of a filthy school bus, I can see the potential.  If I squint, I can see that perfect shade of green starting at the roots and workings its way toward the sunshine. However, that's going to take some time and my heart want to embrace spring RIGHT NOW! Where can I find spring in abundance?  Well, in shopping malls, of course!

You might be thinking I am going to suggest going out and buying a new spring wardrobe. Think again!  I know I can't afford to do that, and I'm going to assume you can't either.  I do ascribe to a particular fashion theory - buy really good basic pieces in basic colors, and add personality with affordable accessories.  In keeping with this week's green theme, I'm going to give you a few pointers for finding fabulous green accessories for all budgets.

But first, just a little story for inspiration.  On my right hand, I wear a silver ring with a single green stone.  It's a very simple design and looks somewhat expensive.  People compliment me on it quite often.  The funny thing -  I purchased it from a GAS STATION in Glendive, Montana when I was 16 years old!  I am now 31, and it's my favorite accessory.  It was not something I over analyzed when I purchased it.  I liked it, and bought it.  Don't over-think accessories! I think they should be fun and a reflection of your creative inner spark.  Now get shopping.

$10.00 and Under
  • Toe-Strap Flip-Flops, $5.00; Old; I am a flip-flop fanatic - it's kind of like letting your toes out for recess after a long winter.
  • Women's Convertible Clutches, $10.00; Old; Nothing makes me feel snazzier than a cute little bag on my arm (unless it's a cute guy)!
  • Women's Skinny Enamel Bracelets, $7.50; Old; Here's a lot of "bangle" for your buck!
  • Mod Dot Rain Boots, $19.99,; With these darling boots, you'll be looking for puddles to jump in!
  • Nine & Co. Mini Hobo, $14.40,; Simple, clean and bright - a perfect look for spring!
  • Skinny Lizard Belt, $16.99,; Who doesn't want to wear something with the word "skinny" in the description?
  • Converse All-Star Green Lo-Tops, $40.00,; People will be smiling at your feet all day long!
  • Twill Tote, $39.50,; This bag would put a spring in my step!
  • Enamel Stone Ring, $38.00, Banana; Spring social events?  This gorgeous piece will make your pals green with envy.
$50.00 and Up
  • Jessica Simpson Evelyn Green Shoes, $79.00,; Trust me - no one forgets the girl in the gorgeous green shoes.
  • Coach Heritage Stripe Tote, $298.00,; What a lot of green can buy you!
  • Apple iPod Shuffle - 1GB Lime Green, $49.99,; Accessories have moved beyond shoes and bags - functional items can now be fabulous!
Thanks again to Katie for all her research.  If you have additional hot green items you love this season, please tell us about them in the comments section.  

Have a great Easter Sunday and I will see you on Monday...

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