Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm back!  Stingray - your biggest nightmare - here.

Claudia spends yesterday talking some mumbo-jumbo about the glass being half full or half empty.  Enter even more psycho-babble when suddenly we're talking about circumstances of the glass and from where in hell the drink even came.  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make a noise?  PPPP-leeease!

Let me clarify... the drink isn't mystical or magical.  It wasn't retrieved from the Fountain of Youth and it wasn't served on a silver platter by a tall skinny guy in tuxedo.  But, it also wasn't my pee.  Render yourself lucky. 

Here's what I know.  We're half way through the year and most of you have done squat about your new year's resolutions.  Or, you've made some pathetic effort, but you started seven minutes ago and you'll be out of steam again by the time I say, "Monkey's Uncle."

Get off your duff.  

You could curl up in the fetal position crying "Woe is me" or you could wake up, face the music and realize you have 176 days left to make that damn goal of yours happen.   What's it gonna be?  Lose a few pounds, save some cash, organize that mess of yours or listen to me ride your @$$ come January 1? 

And... if you wanna talk psycho-babble, they say the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one.  So what is it?  


Heather said...

Ray go eat some Phish Food!
I bet the HLA crew has made progress on their goal fishing. Let's show him gang. Who has made progress?

I'll start. We have saved money and HAVE paid off some of our debt. By the end of the year I guarantee we'll be debt free and ready to buy a house. So take that Mr. StingRay...


Chaotic said...

my problem is "I am in love with a light bulb." There, I admitted it! And, while I have not actually accomplished my 2009 goal, I have done something towards doing so. It's funny-the song I woke up with today kinda fits your post (for me)::
Another cause for me to fight.
Another fuse uncovered, Now, for me to light. My dedication,
To all that I've sworn to protect.
I carry out my orders, Without a regret. A declaration, Embedded deep under my skin. A permanent reminder, Of how it began. No hesitation, When I am commanded to strike. You need to know, That you're living the fight of your life.

So, with that, I sign off... still bummed a bit about not being farther along the goal but grateful to be doing something towards it because, in the end, I AM fighting for my life.

Ray... I know you are all "tough" and such, but I know, underneath, you just want people to be HAPPY. And I want you to know that I know you are really a marshmallow!

cassie p said...

I am getting closer and closer to my goal! And it might actually happen in the year 2009!

My goal is to move out of my parents' house...and so far I have banked one paycheck! hehe...and I am doing pretty good not spending money. I headed to Target yesterday, just to get a couple things I think I need for work. But, I almost got there, and turned around! I decided to save the $20 I was about to spend and wait to see if I REALLY need those things!

So take THAT stingRAY!

BeeKayRoot said...

My goal was to lose weight, which I have done... I've seemed to hit a plateau, though.

I bet StingRay didn't even have a goal!

Peggy said...

Well Ray, since it's been about 3 months or more since you've followed up on this question, each month I've set small goals and pretty much achieved them if you must know:

May ~ Creating and drawing decorations for my dd 8th grade dance, designing and creating over 90 wedding invitations completed the order on time, practicing piano, decluttering end of the year school papers

June~ decluttered had a garage sale, planned trip to Orlando & Louisville, practiced piano, read two novels, performed a few RAK's

July - I have two kid's birthdays to plan and make fun! And have be doing some sprucing up with bushes and plants outdoors

So, all though my goals may not seem big... the small goals I have been setting, I HAVE been accomplishing them. The next thing is day dreaming, what more can I do?

Kat said...

Whatever, StingRay! I have made great progress on my organizing goal, and I am even going to take another bag of clothes to the thrift store later this morning. I may do a little extra today just to prove you wrong! You know, even with all of your attitude you really are a great motivator.

Robin said...

I've been thinking a lot about goal fishing lately!

My goal was to read to the kids five nights a week. I'm working on reading to the kids. I'll admit I was doing better in the spring, summer schedule has really been hectic. I tried to build in some insurance by reading from longer books, thinking that the story would call to them to ask, but alas it did not work that way. They love to be read to but never ask for it. Isn't that odd?

Congrats to everyone else on the goal progress!

Katie K said...

Oh, Sting Ray. So good to see your snarky self again. It's true that up until about 2 weeks ago I had made no progress on my goal of getting back into better shape. However, I'm proud to say, I'm off on the right foot now and making some progress.

Just like Kat, I think I'm going to work out even longer today just to put you in your place!

It's great to read that everyone is making some progress....even if it is small progress. Yay for all of us!

Cheryl said...

You little achievers, all of you. Okay my goal was to have 12 or more pieces by the end of the year. You're all such good friends. You even sent me your lip prints. I have one piece semi-done but I'm not crazy about it.... Now, this is what I know about me... I have no focus when it comes to my art. I'm all over the board. BUT!!! My partner in crime- RAY! How many of you have I drawn? So, it counts right?

AND, though it wasn't a set goal, I did lose weight and chose to be healthier this year!

Lauren said...

My first sting ray experience!

Is it bad that i don't remember what my NYR was??? I did have a goal for the spring and that was to get rid of everything I do not use and organize my room. Thanks to some help from a special person, I achieved that goal! It feels so great to live in a room that is clutter free and organized!

Next up....pay off the debt I raked up in grad school!!! It is tough though when you live in a city as pricey as Chicago.

Tera said...

Brian, don't give up. I know that hitting a plateau sucks and can be frustrating, but just stick with it!

I've actually been going to the gym on a pretty regular basis regularly. I didn't set a goal earlier this year, but losing weight is always good.

Claudia said...

Alright Ray, I confess! I stink. I've done virtually nothing... no, NOTHING toward my new year's resolution.

I was supposed to develop a strategy for feeding my family more varied, more frequent home cooked meals. My husband is good about it, but I want to do my part.

I intended to bust out my crock pot, but it sits on the shelf... untouched.

And while I'm admitting things. I'm also not winning any awards at cheering on my goal setting partner. I did a few things earlier in the year, but my efforts have dropped off.

I know... I'll grab a treat to mail her and then grab dinner at Wendy's drive thru on the way home tonight!