Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Time for a Little RAYflection...

It is that time of the month when we celebrate our blog's namesake and the Spirit of 218 by taking time out of our busy schedules to reflect on our highs, lows, and ahas.

For any new readers you will soon learn that the 18th of every month has a special place in highlowaha history and so on this day we simply ask you to post your high (best thing) from the last month (June 18-July 18), your low (worst thing) from the month, and your Aha (something you learned) during the last month.

It is our belief that taking this time in reflection allows each of us to truly live the Spirit of 218 and refocus our energies for the coming month. It also allows us to grow our community as we get to know what makes our members tick as each takes the time to let us know a little about their life experiences through their high, low and aha statement.

Oh and there is, as usual, something in it for you. Post your high, low and aha in the comment section by 7pm on Sunday evening and be entered in the chance to win your very own Ray t-shirt. You can peruse the GalleRAY to see what options are available.

Alright, here we go, I'll start:

High: Having my Mom in town to visit for 10 days. It was great to see her play with Lily and it was amazing to come home everyday to a cleaner house than we left and dinner cooked and waiting. I'm not sure how she managed it but it was awesome. Also going on a date night with Richard and Claudia courtesy of Katie. It has been so long since we've been out of the house toddler free and it was nice to just relax and laugh with friends.

Low: Stress over some work related issues.

Aha: It is so important to take time for yourself, it is amazing how much that one night away from Lily reinvigorated us for the following few days.

Alright, those are mine and now it is your turn. I can't wait to see what our readers have been up to this month.

Signing off until Monday...(when we begin a VERY special week in highlowaha won't want to miss it so be sure to tune in!!!)


BeeKayRoot said...

High - I landed an on-campus interview at a college in Virginia this coming Monday. This was a huge boost to my self-esteem. Let's hope next month my "high" is actually getting the job.

Low - My family is going through some financial hurdles.

Aha - Losing weight isn't all that bad if you make the right changes.

Chaotic said...

high: having Antiga from Asheville stay with us this week
low: she is here for Rafala's Memorial service
aha: taking time for myself is NOT selfish, it is required

Peggy said...

High: Birthday month in our house, 'people' are turning 14 & 16... surprises, fun, cake & celebrating

Low: being a mom is a great job, but it doesn't help pay the bills... my temporary job is coming to an end, the thought of looking and starting a new job, again!!

Aha: loving cooking! Instead of going out, we've been trying to be more creative and gourmet-ish at home... copykat recipes for PF Changs lettuce wraps, Baked orange roughy with garlic mashed potatoes, Cheesy enchiladas with homemade salsa... yum-o!!

cassie p said...

HIGH- getting used to my new job and learning as much as I can; getting to know the people I will be working with on my unit of the hospital; and being a real nurse!
Also getting back into a work out routine I am used to and the ankles acutally cooperating!

LOW- relationship frustrations; death of my aunt this past thursday and not going to be able to go to her services in Utah; anxiety of the thought of buying a house by december of this year!

AHA- I am who I am and thats not going to change no matter what; I do not like being labeled certain ways and I can stand up for myself about it.

Katie K said...

Oooooh, I love you Rayflection!

High- spending time with friends that are more like family. Setting some goals for myself for the next year.

Low- time with those friends is ending. Missing 2 friends' weddings in the last few weeks.

Aha- I can be my own worst enemy or my own best supporter, that's a decision I get to make for myself.

Claudia said...

Hi everyone. Unlike Katie who can stay connected even when out of town, I am not that tech savvy. Or maybe I'm just not that good at mixing vacation with the realities of life.

Either way, here I am...

My high for the month: Having my parents come to visit; taking a true vacation with Richard for the first time in a long time; meeting Chaotic; time with my HLA side kicks (all in one place) and finally making a little progress on fixing up my bedroom.

Low: Realizing I've made little progress on Goal Fishing activity; missing an important birthday; and some of the normal angst of being part of an extended family.

Aha: Shark have 3-7 rows of teeth! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

High: Going to the Children's Museum with the whole family! We rarely go someplace like this as a large group. DH usually can't go or someone is off somewhere, but this week it all worked!

Low: Not feeling good about the work I'm not getting done on the time frame I need to do it in.

Aha: Figuring out a motivation for reading to my kids that is different but so far effective.