Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Shop!

Let's play a game.  Open up the catalog of your choice and select the items you are most interested in receiving.  Shirt from Eddie Bauer? Work out clothes from Title 9?  Kitchen items from William Sonoma?  Furniture from Pottery Barn?  What's are your items of choice?

Now go one step further and order them.  

Here's a question... once your items are ordered, do you go back and re-order them?  Do you call back or revisit the website making sure it's really on the way and that they are really going to let you you own one?  No, probably not.  Once we place an order from a catalog, most of us probably trust we will receive what we've ordered.

Such is the case with the catalog of life.

When you close your eyes, what do you see?  What do you want?  Of all the things you could "order up" for yourself, what would you pick?  House with a stone fence?  A spot on a sunny beach or in sprawling meadow?  A healthy body crossing the finish line of a half-marathon?  Fame?  Fortune? A relationship?  A published book or other work of art?

Of all the things you could order from the Catalog of Life, what would they be? 

Of course the real trick when ordering from the Catalog of Life is believing, once you've placed your order, that those things will come your way.  You don't need to order twice or call back making sure your dreams and wishes are really on the way.  No, the policy for ordering from the Catalog of Life is really pretty simple.  Place your order and then put yourself in the position of receiving. 

Being in the position to receive requires some serious visualization.  

I want to write a book.

Once I place my order, I have literally visualize every step along the way.  I have to feel myself pressing down on my computer key board.  I have to picture the cover of the book and the title page, meetings with a publisher, seeing the book on a shelf, and signing my very first copy.  It is the strong and persistent visualization that eventually influences my behavior and ultimately draws me towards my goals. 

Vision Boards are a great activity to engage in with your friends, or family.  Collect clippings, photographs, words, sketches, receipts, and any other images you can gather to create a visual reminder of what you want from the Catalog of Life.  Glue, staple, pin, or decoupage them to something as simple as a bulletin board or as elaborate as an ornate picture frame.

Katie was nice enough to fast track her Vision Board, so I'd have something to share with you today.  Hers is mounted on a painter's canvas from Michaels. 

Once done, hang your vision board in a prominent place - a place you will pass multiple times each day.  Remind yourself of the order you've placed in the Catalog of Life, believe, visualize, and then get ready to receive.


One quick story then I'm done.  In 1988 my good friend Dawn made me a Vision Board.  I had been talking on and on about sailing on Semester at Sea, a ship that travels around the world with college students in a semester.  She presented me with a teal colored piece of card stock.  In the center was a picture of the ship, smaller pictures representing each country on the itinerary, and the phrase, "Fall 1991" (the year I was to finish graduate school).  That simple Vision Board hung on my bathroom mirror from 1989 through my 101-day Semester at Sea voyage in the Fall of 1991. 

It worked for me and it can work for you too!

So tell us, what will you put on your vision board.  And, if you're really motivated send us an photo of your finished board, whenever it's done, and earn a Patchwork patch! 

Signing off until tomorrow....  Song compliments of Katie...  song of the day...


Chaotic said...

I did a vision board earlier in the year at one of the workshops I facilitate. Mine was about ways I can continue being of assistance to our Mother Gaia and how to get/be healthy enough to be on this planet a while longer. it is located on my blog under "Let it Rain"

Chaotic said...

Little more detail, now that dogs have been walked...
I picked to be healthy, to make less of a carbon footprint, to have more time at home to enjoy the house I manifested with my last Vision Board and the S.O. from the Vision Board before that. Put your mind towards something... place your intentions into the Universe, and have FAITH that She will reply, in due time. Not the 1st of my personal "10 commandments" but it is on the list. I know that energy is a force, and magick is how we shape that force. Vision boards are a form of magick, helping me to see that which I truly desire.

Cheryl said...

I'm so far behind this morning I can't tell you what is going to be on my vision board but I have wanted to do this for a long time. Right now I need to envision a packed car and me driving it safely down the road!! Have a great day HLA!!!

Kat said...

I like the idea of doing a vision board, I just need to thing of what I want to focus on.

Peggy said...

WOW! This topic is very interesting. Makes me think!

cassie p said...

WEIRD! we had to do a vision board at the beginning of my senior IDC class last semester. I still have it hanging on my wall next to my bed. It doesnt have just one vision, but all the things I hope to accomplish at sometime in my life...Ill try to take a picture of it later today and email it in!

heather said...

I've got something in my mind for my vision board.
I've been hearing about the Breast Cancer 3 Day for a few months and every time the commercial comes on the radio I think what an awesome thing to do. goal is to walk in the 3 day this November. That will be getting in shape, getting a team together, raising money and then actually completing three straight days of walking.

Lauren said...

I love the idea of a vision board. Just thinking about it makes me feel inspired! I often write down my aspirations, but I think a vision board would be a better daily reminder of the things I hope to accomplish.

Claudia said...

Early evening and I am just now finding time to check in.

I am excited to make my vision board - something I am committed to doing before the summer is over. My board will jump ahead to the year 2013 and be chock full of all the things I want present in my life by then. I will be sure to post it once I it is finished.

Maybe I'll post Matthew's too. So far the only things he knows he wants on his board are a camera and a trophy.

Anyone else? Helllloooo... it's kind of lonely at night!

Heather said...

I'm here Claudia!!!!

I could probably make many vision boards. I've decided to focus on 2009 for this one but maybe I'll make one in time for the New Year to set the course for the future.

Anonymous said...

This is a Fantastic Idea. Thanks for sharing.

When I finally come up with one I promise to send a picture.

Thanks for brightening my day. :)

Katie K said...

I'm here too...also checking in for the first time today.

I had so much fun working on my vision board. Mine is also focused on the year 2013 (as is evidenced by the year being displayed on my board). I can't wait to hang it on the wall of my new apartment as a constant reminder of what I want to make happen within the next 4 years.