Saturday, July 25, 2009

Messages, Messages Everywhere...

Stop and think.

Do the clothes you wear send a message to others? Being the fashionista clothes and shoes whore that I am my answer is OH YEAH! I covet my 3 inch strappy hills that make my pedicured feet look so sweet. I love that slimming khaki skirt that goes perfect with my button down classic pin stripe blue shirt. That perfect pair of jeans that go from dressed down to dressed up? They're a must have. I could go on and on about the clothes I love and what I think they say about me. Or at least what I hope they say about me at least until I open my mouth. But today our top is specifically about tshirts.

I love a great tshirt. A nice solid tshirt says your comfortable and easy going. You can dress it up with that khaki skirt and strappy sandals I was talking about or put it with your favorite jeans and flip flops and you're ready to go. But what about the printed tshirts. Do you ever stop and think about what the message says about you?

Let's take a look at some, shall we.

This one caught my eye due to our recent conversations. Her shirt tells everyone that she sees that her glass is half full.

This one doesn't say that she's positive. She's telling you to be positive. Check. Thanks for the reminder.

This one expresses her love for the good ol' USA.

Did he play in the 2007 Western District Playoffs or just watch the soccer games? Either way, I think he likes soccer.

This shirt says that she's prepared to work out. I don't think it says she likes to workout though.
Does this one say she likes ketchup?

She supports the Special Olympics in Texas. Maybe she participates...

Save Ferris indeed. A child that grew up in the 80's?
So what's your favorite printed tshirt? One of mine is a tshirt that says: Born Free. It's brown and pink with a tree and pink bird on it.

What would it say about you if you wore a shirt that says this:

Signing off until Monday...


Chaotic said...

my fave TShirt is black on the bottom half so the top tie-dyed half stands out... the top half says "Tribal Rights"... but my new fave might be shine.... yellow on black...

Heather said...

It is funny that even I, Heather, who is so far from a fashionista it isn't funny knows that clothes speak volumes about who you are AND who you aren't!!! There are some things I just can't wear not because they don't LOOK good on me but because they are just so far from who I am. Does that make sense? So for instance the 3 inch strappy heels that Cheryl wouldn't ever see me in them. NO, I'll go with my 1 1/2 inch comfortable/practical shoes anyday.

As far as t-shirts go...I love my Ray t-shirt...I am also a fan of the plain t-shirts that you can match with whatever. I have a few that are for a purpose "United Through Silence" and others that are just 100% fun "Kickin A$$ in the Bluegrass"

I too think SHINE will rise to the top!

Robin said...

I love my Mommy of 8 T-shirt. :-)

Shine says be your best to me.

cassie p said...

I have lots of tshirts that say things on them, and I think they all reflect something about my personality...
My favorite right now is my gray's anatomy tshirt that says "seriously." on it!! I love the show, and I say seriously all the time, so my mom bought me that shirt for christmas last year.

some of my other tshirt slogans:

"back in full effect"
"love does no harm"
"love with all"
"live, love, dream" (repeated multiple times all over the shirt)
"love free"
"beach or bust"

haha, there seems to be a little bit of a pattern there...

my favorite tshirt when i was a kid said, "dont send a boy..." on the front, and on the back, "to do a girls job!". It had a soccer ball on the front and I wore it til it was too wore out to wear and then I wore it to bed. Finally when I was in high school I stopped wearing it, but kept it. NOW its the center of the quilt/blanket I made out of old shirts that I couldnt wear anymore but couldnt get rid of!!!

lindsaymarie said...

one of my favorite tshirts ever unfortunately had to be turned into washrags recently (i don't do well with white tshirts...) but it was a concert tshirt from a musician named tristan prettyman, and it had one of her lyrics on it, "this life is a beautiful one." i really dig tshirts from nonprofits or charities, and band/musician tshirts.

b.k.root said...

I wear a lot of t-shirts when I'm just lounging or bumming around the apartment. Working in student affairs means I get lots and lots of free shirts, so I tend to wear those shirts quite often. The message that sends is that I'm proud to be affiliated with Pitt-greensburg.

Anyhow, I love the Heinz Ketchup shirt... Living near Pittsburgh, I know all too well about the loyalty to Heinz ketchup. I think the message that shirt might send is, hey, I'm from Pittsburgh.

Peggy said...

When I see SHINE.... all I see is a tye-died background!!! Make the front 'pop'. That would be adorable!!!

Personally...I'm a small fan of screen printed t-shirts, they don't fit me right and at times I feel sloppy! My kids are huge t-shirt fans!!

Cheryl said...


Nicole claimed the last spot of the Elite 8 over at Taste of USA this morning at 6:15am!

Congratulations Nicole and all of our Elite 8 members!

That doesn't mean that the rest of that decide to come won't get anything and it's sure to be fun, fun, fun!

T-shirts... I used to be a tshirt freak! I had Texas Tech University shirts, Texas A&M shirts, funny shirts, restaurant shirts, silly sayings... It's all I ever wore. I have to stop myself sometimes from buying one. I cleaned out my obsessive stash many years ago but I can see it slowly growing again. :)

Katie K said...

Yay Nicole! I can't wait to meet you at Taste of USA!

My favorite tshirt? Well, I love long sleeve tshirts in the winter more than anything. In college, my favorite was a Bellarmine one that had the words, Join the Tradition, Become a Knight written on the back. Now my favorite is a Life is Good shirt that says Less is Smore on it. However, now I need a Shine one!!!!

cassie p said...

49 days til Taste of USA!!!

Peggy said...

Check it out... Cassie P has a great idea!!! Find a FREE blog countdown and add it to the blog for the count down to Taste of USA!!! or other important things you want us to get excited about!

like this one:

Kat said...

I love t-shirts. Love them. I have very few with words on them though. My favorite one just says Levi (like the jeans) on it. Oh, and my second favorite one I won from HLA! It is my Hey Cupcake shirt, and it says "Who you callin' cupcake?" on the back.

Ashley Benz said...

My shirt usually just tells people that I'm a mom- stained, stretched out and possibly on backwards and/or inside out.

BUT! My favorite shirt says "Modest is Hottest" on it.

Heather said...

Ashley--Welcome back! So glad you are going to Taste of USA.

I hear you on the Mommy t-shirt!

Claudia said...

Gotta love a comfortable t-shirt. The t-shirt I'm wearing today is brown and says, "Live, Love, Laugh." I like to think it says I am positive or hopeful.

Up until now, my favorite t-shirts have been Jake's, "Life is... you know what."

BUT, now that the Rayvolution is underway... Shine baby shine. That'll be my new favorite.