Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whack on the Side of the Head Saturday!

Good morning everyone. Wednesday is usually reserved for whacking you on the side of the head, but because last Wednesday we were busy honoring mothers, I made an executive decision to rearrange things a bit. Somewhere in the notion of creativity must be embedded the need for flexibility.

First things first... The winner of Blog Master for a Day.... As much as I hate saying this... Actually, as much as I FEAR saying this... I must turn Blog Master over to Cristine Struble, who in turn informed me that she would turn it over to her husband, Matt. Lest you think I am being rude by saying such a thing, let me explain.

Matt Struble is my husbands best friend. They met in graduate school while waiting in line for their turn to let loose on the poor, unsuspecting women working in Financial Aid. They became fast buddies, bonded by their irreverence, sarcasm, and a belief that their best work could be done over a beer... let me rephrase that... done over BEERS at the Black Forest Bakery. The first real amount of time I got to spend with Matt was when he and Richard ambushed my apartment (conveniently located close to SMU's campus), so that they could make HUNDREDS of jello shots to be served on at a Business School golf tournament the next day. My father in-law refers to Matt Struble as The Loudest Man on Earth and while he may or may not actually be the loudest man on earth, you certainly know when he is around.

So, my fear is grounded in the fact that Matt knows primarily one mode - that of unplugged. Whatever he has in store for us on Thursday, it is sure to be... different... than that to which you have grown accustomed. On a separate, positive note... Matt is actually very creative and a skilled community builder.

Now onto today's Whack...

I actually lost the card, somewhere along the line, so I am sitting here with the book in front of me, trying desperately to recap it to the best of my ability. Not a stellar night in the Beeny household...

Think Like a Kid: When I was a sophomore in high school my English teacher put a small chalk dot on the blackboard. She asked the class what it was. A few seconds passed and then someone said, "A chalk dot on the blackboard." The rest of the class seemed relieved that the obvious had been stated, and no one else had anything more to say. "I'm surprised at you," the teacher told the class. "I did the same exercise yesterday with a group of kindergartners and they thought of fifty different things it could be: an owl's eye, a cigar butt, the top of a telephone pole, a star, a pebble, a squashed bug, a rotten egg, and so on. They had their imaginations in high gear." Think like a kid and imagine the possibilities.

Dilemma: The item below was used to package a cup cake tower mailed to me by my mother. I can't bring myself to throw it away, because I know it can be used to make SOMETHING. It's an 11" x 11" cardboard square with a circle 7 and 1/4" in diameter. It is sturdy and still pristine. What can it be? Help me generate ideas about what I might make with it or how I might use it.

That's it. Signing off until tomorrow when I make a guest appearance and provide a encore of "U are Unique." If you haven't already, send me your birthday and I will post your Colorstrology Profile. Fun, fun, fun. And with 279 viewers still to go...

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