Monday, April 28, 2008

A Dog Party...

A big dog party! Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs, black dogs, and white dog are all at a dog party! What a dog party!

But first some Monday Maintenance...
  • Newcomers: I mailed 48 picture postcards to friends all over the country, making a desperate plea for their help in reaching my goal by Thursday, May 1. There is way too much at stake not to pull out every single stop along the way. So, if my postcards worked... we should have a number of new visitors to our site today. Welcome all you first time readers. Visit us each day for the next couple of weeks and you will see we are a fun group of people, committed to celebrating creativity!

  • Busted! Yes, that's right... my 15 year old, tech savvy son spent three minutes on the computer and informed me there was an entire Colorstrology Website. As painful as it is for me - because now you can have access whenever you want - I feel the need to be honest and spread the wealth of knowledge. The best part... now you can see your colors for real - as opposed to rely on my shady (no pun intended) descriptions. Use this website to help inspire birthday gifts, the color of the next room your going to paint, or a new item of clothing. All you student affairs folks... this web site can be used to do fun staff development or team building.

  • Free For All Friday (or as Heather affectionately refers FFAF): Cheryl posed one of two Free For All Friday Challenges for this Friday. For the new comers, Free For All Friday is our chance to share our collective creativity in an effort to help a fellow reader. Cheryl is seeking creative ideas for refinishing an outdated mirror she recently acquired. I zipped to her house this weekend, so I could take a picture making it easier for all of us to visualize. Mill it over and be ready to make suggestion this Friday. The other challenge we'll be tackling. Fun and creative ways to "break the news" to your husband that you are pregnant.

  • Blog Master for a Day: We will have a guest blogger on Thursday. Matt Struble, the husband to Cristine, a frequent visitor, was selected from our drawing to be Blog Master for a Day. Hold onto your hats.
Hats... Did someone say hats?...

Yes, that's right.... the brown box was turned into a HAT! Cheryl's son's were responsible for this Whack on the Side of the Head (see Saturday's blog 4/25). Some quick background...

Grace and Zach K. gave Matthew the book, Go, Dog. Go! (P.D. Eastman) for his birthday. He LOVES this book and so when we awoke this morning to a cold a dreary day, I knew we would be reading that book and numerous others again and again and again. Well, Matthew's favorite part is the very end when the dogs attend a dog party that is being held on top of a tree. One female dog in particular tries throughout the book to get the attention of a male dog (and we wonder how the socialization starts). Finally at the end she captures his attention because of the BEAUTIFUL "party hat" she is wearing.

By 10:00 we had read the book three times and then it hit me... Yes, the brown box! Immediately, I asked Matthew if he would like to make his very own dog party hat. He replied with an enthusiastic, "yes" and there went our next hour. We rummaged through my "craft closet" and a basket filled with odds and end toys (kids meal toys, single pieces to lost games, etc...) and there... sitting in a heap in the middle of our kitchen table was everything we needed to get creative!

The entire time we were doing it, I was thinking to myself... A dog party... this could be FUN! I envisioned dog bones for invitations, eating ice cream out of dog bowls, every kid with his or her very own dog party hat, hot dogs for lunch, doggie bags to go.... I mean this could be FUN!!! If I don't do it for an upcoming birthday party, I'll do it for a kids book club meeting... or maybe just a simple break from the Dog Days of Summer!

Since I'm on the subject of kids books and parties, let me just say two more things. One... Mo Willems wrote a book called, I Am Invited to a Party! It also has the potential for a GREAT party theme (even adult party). In a nutshell Piggie is invited to her first party, while Elephant is a veteran. First he anticipates that the party might be a fancy party (so off they go to get dressed in fancy attire); then a pool party (and back they come with inner tubes and snorkeling equipment... on top of their fancy clothes); and finally a costume party (fully adorned in capes, masks, and hats... on top of their swim wear and fancy clothes). The point... wouldn't it be fun?!?!?! Host a mystery fancostuswim party. Guests have to guess.. is it a fancy party, a costume party, or a swim party? Come dressed for one... or dressed for all!

Second, and then I am done... Yesterday I visited the gym (in anticipation that I don't hit the 5000 mark by Thursday - as if my last minute attempt is going to do squat) and the gym staff was preparing for a kids birthday party. They were all wearing shirts that said, "Party Animal." While I'm sure the underlying implication is something other than my what I was envisioning, I did think you could develop a fun theme around the whole Party Animal concept. Every child could come dressed as his or her favorite animal and all the games, food, etc... could be built around the notion (Animal crackers, barrel of monkeys, chicken nuggets, etc...).

Ok... this party animal is over and done for the day.

Signing off until tomorrow and with 138 still to go...

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