Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back By Popular Demand... Colorstrology

If you are new to the site, you may not know that Sunday is typically my day of rest. This week, however, I must work overtime... taking NO chances that I don't reach my goal of 5,000 by Wednesday, April 30 at midnight (CST). For this reason I am revisiting an offer I made a few weeks ago. It seemed to drum up a lot of traffic the first time around, so let's hope it works again.

We had a few early birds, so we'll start the morning with them.

Lizzyt: May 1: Shamrock (As you might imagine, a beautiful shade of green). Prolific, Expressive, Dynamic. If you were born on this day you have a unique presence, and people take notice when you are in the room. Your ability to express yourself and convey ideas only magnifies your allure. You are open to new experiences and like to be on the move. No matter how far you travel, however, a restful home to come back to is important. Compatible birthdays: April 6, July 6, October 29.

Chris: March 8: Mauve Mist (A cross between pink and lavendar): Good-Natured, Productive, Spiritually Strong. If you were born on this day you have a strong spiritual side that can be a great source of strength when channeled properly. You were meant to do something that has meaning and value. Try no to let material concerns bog you down. Focus your sense of responsibility toward high ideals and aspirations. Cultivate discipline and self-effort early on to avoid losing your footing later in life. Compatible birthdays: January 1, April 8, May 3

Maureen: February 8: Crocus (An almost magenta, though maybe lighter): Driven, Quirky, Charming. People born on this day tend to be charming and good-looking. Although you are warmhearted, your emotions are not easy for you to handle. You have a tough exterior but a sensitive, feeling nature. You may use more energy keeping people away than you do connecting with them on an intimate level. Work and financial success usually come easily to you. Compatible birthdays: March 28, June 22, August 28.

I know all three of these people on varying levels. I won't presume to know enough to assess accuracy on all, but Maureen (who I've known for 30 years) ... I think yours is TRUE!

Who's next? To prevent me from literally retyping the entire book, I am asking for one request per person. Thanks.

Signing off... until I post Colorstrology profiles... and then again until tomorrow. And, with 201 still to go and NO room for failure...

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