Friday, April 25, 2008

Free For All Friday: A Final Tribute, and Father's Day Fun!

As promised... today we are going to hear from our male blog participants, as well as the men of our female blog participants. Women.... to motivate you to nag your husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, etc.... to get on and post, I'll sweeten the pot. Anyone who gets a man to post his ideal Father's Day gift idea on our blog today will be in a drawing to be... Blog Master For A Day!

What does that mean? You drive the content for Thursday, May 1. You can write the blog, have me write the blog about the topic of your choice; suggest a featured guest; promote a cause or product you love; post a challenge; .... YOU NAME IT! All you have to do is get at least one man to post his ideal Father's Day gift. Easy peasie.

But first we have announcements to make and women to honor....

  • Remember, Saturday will be Whacky Wednesday, so tune in.

  • For one day only, this Sunday (again, adding a seventh day to ASSURE we hit 5,000), I will re-extend my offer to post a Colorstrology Profile of your choice. So if you're new to the site, check out April 4 ("U" Are Unique) . It will explain further.

  • Helena, if writing a paragraph telling of Flat Stanley's adventure is more work than you have time for, just post a short note in the announcements. Once you post, I will solicit a host for Stanley's next stop.

Now onto... Operation Mother's Day: Crazy Eight!

Back to Children's Courtyard for another deserving mother to be honored. Jennifer is the mother of soon-to-be SIX kids!!!!! I don't know about you, but from where I sit, I should be able to stop right here and it should be obvious why I selected her. Six kids!!! But there is more. I first met Jennifer when my sister in law and I, on a whim, stopped in the preschool to see what it was like. Jennifer made the time to talk to us and to give us a quick tour of the facility. More than a month later - with no follow-up on my part - I returned to the preschool. Jennifer remembered exactly who I was and what the boy's names were. I was impressed!

I remember seeing Jennifer walk through the hallways of the school with two of her daughters, so you can imagine how surprised I was to learn that she was not just the mother of two, but FIVE kids AND with another on the way! Jennifer is like a duck. She might be paddling furiously below water, but on the service she looks cool, calm, and collected. Nothing appears to rattle her. One might argue... Jennifer is my exact opposite.

I could spend hours talking to Jennifer about meal times in her house, laundry (and I think I've got problems!), transporting kids from one place to another, managing schedules, squeezing in time for herself... the whole gammit. It's obvious from the sparkle in her eye and the smile on her face that surrounding herself with kids (her own and ours) is her "blue flame." We'll talk more about "blue flame" in the future, but for now suffice it to say... blue flame is what ignites when passion and ability come together.

Jennifer - the selfless woman that she is - immediately recalled a gift that she presented to her mother years and years ago. It was a plate she made when she thinks she was eight years old. Featured on the plate was her family... she; her father; her brother; and then centered right smack in the middle of the plate, wearing a BRIGHT red dress and drawn twice as big as any other family member was her mother.

Jennifer's mother has since passed away, but not before she and her mom got a good laugh about the plate. Her mother, who had a very slight build, shared that she never fully knew why she was featured as being so much bigger and heavier than everyone else in the family. I'm no psychologist... but the little bit I've learned (second hand) would suggest that the size and scale of her mother was more a representation of the importance Jennifer placed on her mother than it was Jennifer's "image' of her mother's figure. Today the plate sits in a curio cabinet at Jennifer's house... high on a shelf and well out of reach of her six kids.

Finally... Free For All Friday...

It is now time for all men to come forward and tell us what they really think (not about the blog - unless it's nice), but about what makes for the IDEAL Father's Day gift. To get us started, I'll turn it over to Richard... my husband, who once again is wondering how the heck he got involved in one of my projects...

"I've been counseled to be 'reasonable.' This, for those who don't know me, will be a challenge. I'm first going to assume that the women on this blog already know what most men really want at this or any other holiday......otherwise there wouldn't be a Father's Day. First I should say, that I don't need ties or bad golf balls and gadgets for the grill that require batteries. I don't need complicated family outings with three kids in tow or a bunch of Hoopla. For me, Father's Day should be a day of rest. A day when I wake up to a breakfast that someone has made for me, a day without chores, a day of golf and grilling and beer. A day when I tell my father that I appreciate him and have my sons tell me the same. A day that ends with a back-rub and ..... this, I believe, is reasonable."

Who's next?

As for me... signing off until tomorrow and with 396 still to go...

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