Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Creative Women Who Inspire Us

Say that three times really fast!

Since you've been through orientation now, I bet you were thinking you were going to be tuning into Wacky Wednesday and whacking a cool idea today. Oh! But wait, the team throws you a curve ball and for March where each Wednesday will be used to tell you about a woman who has influenced us creatively. I immediately began pondering the women in my past and current life. I thought about it in the shower, while I was driving and while doing the dishes. I wrote a piece about a girl who influenced me but I decided it didn’t fit the Highlowaha spirit and it wasn't that she inspired me creatively as much as she just inspired me. So, I pondered some more, shifted gears and today I am proud to tell you about my aunt, Cynthia.

Cynthia is a Speech Pathologist, wife to Richard, mother to Kimberly and new grandmother to Tyrian. She’s great with kids. They know their boundaries with her. She’s all about having fun but she doesn’t take any attitude. She says what she means and means what she says. She always has a fun alternative to offer without caving into a complaining child. I have never seen her nerves ruffled by a child. She is someone to model after, for sure. She recognizes peoples strengths and encourages them to work at them.

Cynthia is the social butterfly of my mom’s family. The glue. She calls each of her siblings every weekend to make sure everyone is doing well. I think they even have a conference call now so all 6 of them can chat at once. She also coordinates our annual family reunion in Wimberley, Texas where my family gathers to enjoy the river, play games, catch up and just work on any project that does not include TV or Internet.

At one of the annual family reunions, I was drawing with pencils and some graphic markers. Actually, I was drawing my fish lips! I was complaining about how the markers dried up quickly. She told me about Tria Letraset pens. They have 3 tips verses the two tips I had on my markers and are able to be refilled. They are what I use today to draw Ray. They're not cheap but if you are looking for a good pen, Letraset is the way to go. You don't have to toss them, you just refill them. You can find them online or at your favorite art supply store. I stress art store because your local Michael's or Hobby Lobby probably will not carry them.

She is a member of a stamping group and she makes the cutest greeting cards ever. She was busy getting ready for her daughters baby shower this year so the boys didn’t get a custom made card for their birthdays and it didn’t go unnoticed but we understand. They're the cards I don't throw away. Who am I kidding. I don't throw away a lot of cards but hers definitely do not go near the trash pile. Last week, one of her stamping buddies held a class on a topic called Zentangles and Cynthia sent me some links along with this youtube video.

Pretty cool, huh?

My memory isn’t what it used to be but it seemed like she always had some craft project going whether it was the rug hooking or cross stitching. Per my request, she made me this cross stitch piece when I graduated with my Bachelors of Art degree in Art. It will eventually find a place of honor when I get my junk room organized into my art studio because I need the reminder!

I love that she is technologically savvy. She’s always trying out the newest gadgets. Do you remember way back in the 80’s when Apple first introduce the personal Mac. She had one and she wasn't afraid to let the kids play with it showing us how to use the paint software and such. Technology has come a long way since then, right? When the iPhone came out, she got one. And she knows how to use it, too. She's always pulling something up on the Internet or showing someone else how to use the camera feature on their own phone. I was thinking I HAD to have one so I could blog from anywhere but realized right away that typing a whole blog on it was not going to be an easy task and I saved my money. She also has the Flip camera though I haven’t seen any movies from it.

So you can see why I chose my Aunt Cynthia as a creative influence on my life. It's her knowledge of new and fun products and tips and her willingness to share them with me and others that is so much fun. Her infectious laugh doesn't hurt either.
Here's my attempt at Zentangles. I didn't get to finish because I have that whole fitness contest going on right now so I ran out of time. I think anyone can do this. Maybe even you!
Signing off until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Aunt Cynthia sounds really cool. I can't wait to share the video of zentagles with my daughter. Thank you for sharing her.

b.k.root said...

This Zentangle thing is right up my alley... I love abstract art projects such as this.

I'll definitely be trying one of these this week.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Aunt Cynthia does sound cool...I'll be back later today with my idea of a creative person

Happy Day, HLA

It's only 10 degrees now, but we have a high of 32...woo hoo!!! travels to Mexico today :)

-K. Giger

Just Ducky said...

Oh Kristen...I'm sorry it is so cold...tomorrow in Dallas it is supposed to be 87...crazy!

Maybe I'll try a Zentangle...I agree Cheryl I think even I could do it!

Safe Travels Julie!!!!! Be super safe, things have been a little crazy in Mexico lately so be careful.

Peggy said...

I get my crafti-ness from my mom, although we are into completely different types of crafts and art forms.

She was the girlscout leader who could make anything out of a paper plate, she is currently a knitter (makes slippers and lap quilts) crochets and makes quilts for the Lutheran Church quilt relief.

But she was into, woodworking, making wreathes out of pine cones, macreme, she's re-upolstered furniture, sewed my clothes and Barbie clothes (she and my dad fix everything...)and there's more.

My mom likes my cards, drawings and my computer work, but she sometimes doesn't get why I don't want to just sit down and knit a slipper!

Chaotic said...

WOW! my wife is taking a mandala class right now... can't wait to share this with her!

Chaotic said...

ok, creative influence? well...Gayle got me started... she watched Rosie O do a show on decoupage and Gayle passed on the quote from that show (something along lines of "Any idiot can do this, even me". More so, Gayle passed on her own take of the show "There are no mistakes in art, just artistic opportunities you have yet to explore" and that kinda gave me permission to just jump in and do whatever w/o worrying about the results.

b.k.root said...

My mother is definitely where I got my creative genes... She's a master crocheter.

Some of her stuff can be found at:

Cruise Director said...

I love the no mistakes in art quote. Art is such a wide array of subjects and materials. Paint, sculpture, ceramics, sewing, music, paper, mixed media.... and on and on. :)

Maybe the Zentangles could be a collective piece we do together. I'm off to work!

Bean Counter said...

Thanks for sharing this idea with us, Cheryl! Your aunt Cynthia sounds great!

Every week with my staff at our weekly meeting we have a 'devo' or a developmental activity that we do together! Sometimes it is just something fun we can do together to relax and have fun! I'm thinking we will have to do Zentangles together before the end of the semester!!!

Just Ducky! said...

I wonder how cool a Zentagle would look in color? Does that ruin the coolness or make it cooler?

I agree about the progressive Zentagle...who wants to start it?

Devil Dog said...

This is the first chance I am having to make a post. I love your Aunt Cynthia. Her interests sound ecclectic.

I haven't watched the piece on zentagls yet, but will do it over my lunch hour.

You all have peaked my curiousity.

Cruise Director said...

Oh! I also wanted to point out that in the photo of the markers... they are on Cynthia's lips fish that I did back in 1998!

What if our Zentangles project had a feature where we put a bunch of HLA's throughout our drawings? Would that be fun?

Tera said...

Aunt Cynthia sounds great. Good work, Cheryl! I love the Zentangles thing...I couldn't take my eyes of that video! I enjoy abstract things too!

I'm not sure where I get my crafitness from. My mom is kind of crafty and did Girl Scout type projects, but I think art has always been in my blood. Even as a little kid I was always working on an art project while watching TV and whatnot.

Julie wanted me to tell you all that she's in Mexico for the rest of the week so you won't be hearing from her. KTK, she said thanks for the email. She's then in Erie all next week so I'm not sure if she'll be back on the blog then or not.

Cruise Director said...

What! They don't have the internet in Mexico??

HA! ;)

Just Ducky! said...

Just testing am I ducky?

Cruise Director said...

If you're Heather, you're Ducky.

Cruise Director said...

Oh! Yep. That's Lily! Congrats on your Blogger Account!!

Anonymous said...

My creativity is really influenced by my aunts- they have always been crafty and my inspiration. I find that I need some sort of creative outlet to relieve my stress. Currently- I have fallen in love with beading!


DEvil Dog said...

I love reading about people's creative influences.

Who knows... maybe at this very minute someone is writing about how you have been their creative influence.

misty said...

Good Afternoon HLA.
WOW...Cheryl...SOOO Cool!!!

My creative outlet has always been dance. I love to move and choreograph to all kinds of music. I have been fortunate to meet and dance with many instructors along the way but my dear friend Marianne inspired me to tap into modern/lyrical movement. It is truly emotional movement.

My mother and sister also amaze me with their creative side. I learn new things from them both all the time. They have visions that blow me away!

Devil Dog a.k.a Claudia said...

I actually just got a chance to watch the zentagles video in it's entirety. I loved it. Yes, I think we will try to get a HLA one going.

Stay tuned.