Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharing Saturday

Good morning, Highlowaha! It's Katie here for another Sharing Saturday of questions from the game, "Cowgirls Ride the Trail of Truth." As some of you may remember, Claudia attended Misty's Annual Potato Soup Party where she played this game with other guests at the party. The game asks of series of questions around the topics of Sex & Body, History & Experience, Family & Friends, Spirit, Shadow, and Taste. Each Saturday this month we have taken a card from this game and posed the questions to you the readers, but we have also given you a suggestion of a way to incorporate the game into your life. This Saturday will be no different, so let's get started!

During my Spring Break last week, I took some time to travel home to Kentucky to visit friends and family. During my trip home, I spent a few hours visiting my grandparents at their house. It reminded me that I have a lot to learn from their life experiences and that great lessons can be learned from their journey in life. That was when it hit me. What if you were to use the questions from the game to create a capsule of the memories and stories of the women in your family?

Here is how I picture it happening. Plan an afternoon to gather all the women in your family: grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts, etc. at your house. Each woman in the family is to bring 2-3 pictures of themselves from throughout their life. Upon arrival, each woman draws a card from the deck and is therefore given a set of questions that they are to answer. During the next hour, they are to create a page for a scrapbook (you would provide paper, markers, stickers, etc.) using their pictures and answering the questions on their card. In many ways, it becomes an outlet for them to share stories about themselves. At the end of the hour, each woman in the family will add their page to the keepsake book. The beauty is that it does not have to be anything fancy like a scrapbook. Its beauty is in the pictures and the stories told by the women of your family. It becomes an immediate keepsake for the family to commemorate the women who keep it thriving. For granddaughters like me who know they have so much to learn from their grandmothers and aunts, it becomes a way to acquire these lessons in life.

For me, I now have hopes of trying to make this happen in the days before my brother's wedding this summer. (Call me crazy?) Until then, though, I'd like to take today to get to know a little bit more about each of you by posing some questions from the Cowgirl game. You can choose one question that you are interested in answering or you can feel free to answer them all. No matter what you choose, we hope you will share a piece of yourself with our community today.
  • Who influenced me in the way I deal with relationships?
  • How do I characterize myself?
  • Tell a story about my favorite pet.
  • What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail?
  • In what way am I a martyr?
  • Do I do my own housework? How do I feel about it?
Signing off until Monday...


Heather said...

For now I'll answer one that spoke to me. Yesterday Claudia and I had the pleasure of hanging out just the two of kids, no husbands and had the chance to really talk. I've missed those days with Claudia so it was nice to reconnect and part of our conversation went to this topic.
What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail?

I would probably do a lot of things I've been afraid to try in the past. Worries about failing, about things not turning out the way I hoped they would about not being able to do them 100% have kept me afraid to move forward. Unfortunately although I use to be a real risk taker now I'm more of a sure bet kind of person. Certainly there is room for some middle ground but I haven't yet found it.

Heather said...

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I know alot of you have boys so this would be good.

Cruise Director said...

Good morning. I woke up at 3:30 last night and couldn't go back to sleep. I did finally go back to sleep for awhile after I read at 5:30 but I'm on the border of whacky and exetremely cranky...

How do I characterize myself? I'm a goofball.

Tell a story about my favorite pet. Growing up, we had this cat named Stubby that would attack anything that moved. My cousin Kimberley hated that cat so she would run from one side of the room to the other. Stubby would always attack her.

What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail? Quit my job and explore art full time.

Do I do my own housework? Unfortunately. How do I feel about it? It sucks! My attitude about it and my performance. :)

Katie K said...

If I knew I would not fail, I would write a book and get it published!

I am at Magic Kingdom today and proudly sporting my Spirit of 218 tshirt!

Happy weekend from the most magical place on earth!

Peggy said...

Favorite pet...
Well, my dogs have been my favorite pets, but we had an unusual pet when I was in 2nd grade, we had a pet chicken!!!!

Imagine a quiet midwest neighborhood, mid 1970s, we have a postage stamp size yard, sidewalks with curbs, and within walking distance to the local PDQ.

My brother had a project in 6th grade, and we ended up with a chicken named Fred! We have 8mm film with the chicken flapping around our tiny yard. We eventually had to give him 'back' to the farmer who headed the project!

Interesting pet for the small city folk!

Devil Dog said...

Sunday night and I'm still milling over the questions.

If I knew I could not fail I would...

I would invest in a company and hire staff, so I could begin pursuing the many ideas and business ventures that plague me.

I need a Venture Capitalist. Does anybody know one?

Anonymous said...

Do I do my own housework? How do I feel about it?

I do for the most part and it makes me annoyed. I'm slowly getting the kids involved, but that makes me angry too. They whine "but I didn't mess this up" or "but I just cleaned it yesterday." Well, duh. How do you think *I* feel?

I just made breakfast and lunch this morning and you already want dinner again. That one usually makes them be quiet. LOL :-)

lindsaymarie said...

Who influenced me in the way I deal with relationships?
In terms of romantic relationships, my mom is constantly trying to find a guy for me, she always wants me to be in a relationship and I think this has lead to me being a commitment-phobe and having a somewhat negative view of romantic relationships. I think my parents' divorce also contributed to that. My grandma and pappy's relationship was a really wonderful example of love in my life though, and because of that I'm still a romantic at heart, even though I don't seem like it most of the time. My dad is very vocal about loving people, he is always telling my sister and I how much he loves us, and I think that's influenced me, especially in friendships. I love telling people that I love them!