Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness: Round 1

Good Monday Morning. Announcements at the end.

If you were around last week then you remember us announcing that today begins March Madness... Highlowaha style. Basketballs are replaced by bright ideas, uniforms are replaced by uniqueness, and three pointers pale in comparison to our slam dunk creativity. The biggest similarity... fierce competitiveness. Who will win... Iowa, Florida, Kentucky, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona, or Texas?

Over the next three weeks women from these eight teams will put their most creative ideas, products, websites, resources, recipes, and more on center court. While each team has a winning line-up of ideas, they are only allowed to present one star idea at a time. We, the spectators, then get to vote on that day's M.V.P... or as the case may be, M.V.I. The team with the winning idea then advances to the next round of play. So it goes until Monday, March 30 when we face off for the championship game.

If there are no other questions... let's get ready to Ruuuuuuuuumble ! Today's face-off: Iowa's Big Idea Babes versus Florida's Team Princess.

Ready to Read Bag
Encourage children to read and present the homemade Ready to Read Bags as birthday gifts. Items to Include:
  • Canvas bag for going to the library – personalize with child’s name.
  • Flashlight for reading under the covers!
  • I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss or a frame with the following quote…“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
  • Kid’s journal for writing down names of favorite books or authors.
  • Decorative pen or pencil to encourage future authors.
****** OR ******

Multipurpose Blanket/Sweatshirt
Snuggle up and stay warm with this great new invention from 2008:

How to Vote:
Vote for the idea you consider most winning by simply making a post in today's comment section, indicating either "Books" or "Blanket." Votes must be cast by 7:00 p.m. CST.

  • And number 18 is... Good news. It takes more to motivate you than sheer money. Bad news. I only have 17 postcards in my 2009 RAK box. The next postcard received in my mailbox will be the recipient of the last $25.00 Target gift card. Now don't blow me off thinking someone in the neighborhood is going to beat you to the punch. If everyone thought that, and you actually mailed yours, your winning postcard would make it to: 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas, 76051 in plenty of time to be the winner!
  • Thank you Melanie: One of our readers, Melanie, recently donated two tickets to the Broadway Show, Chitty Chitty, Bang, Bang for the Gift of #218. She is allowing us to either use the tickets to raise money for the Gift of #218 Fund or to give the tickets as a Gift of #218. This sort of generosity is exactly why we believe our small, but powerful group can make such a difference. Thank you, Melanie! Heather, Cheryl, Katie, and I meet on Thursday. We will let you know what we decide to do after we have a chance to talk.
Signing off until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Books! I'm partial to all things books!

heather said...
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Just Ducky! said...

Ready to Read bags...such a good idea.

Readers maybe we can brainstorm some fun slogans to paint on the bags?

I might put a fun worm and write "bookworm"

or you could do a throwback and do a "reading rainbow" bag.

Speaking of know what you need to do by Friday don't you? Your Rainbow needs to be dropped in the mail to Julie Schnepp for our Surprise, Surprise stunt!

Peggy said...

I'll go for the book bag.
I couldn't open the link to the other item.

When my kids were in elementary school, for the primary grades, someone from the PTA (?) made these adorable book bags that went over the back of the chairs, then when the little ones switched classes, their books and papers were all stored in their customized seat cover book holders.

Melanie said...


Chaotic said...

BOOKS.. reading is power

eknoxuk said...

Books! I think I'll use this idea! I couldn't open the link to the other either to get the full scope.

cassie p said...

I'm baaaack! Did you all miss me? After reading last weeks posts all in one night last night, I dont think so! I missed out on lots of fun, but I have a list of things I need to do to catch up!

My rainbow is going in the mail to Julie TODAY!

And I vote BOOKS! I would have loved one of those as a kid, because most of growing up, I walked to and from school everyday, and on the way was the library. I have always LOVED to read, and I stopped at the library on the way home from school almost every day! I am partial to Heather's "reading rainbow" bag- I loved that show! hahaha

Just Ducky! said...

I put a new link up for the Snuggie for those of you who were having trouble.

Bean Counter said...

I vote books! I agree, Cassie, I would have loved one as a kid!

Cruise Director said...

I have to go with Books. I mean, who can turn down a bag!! :)

Devil Dog said...

So far it looks like books are it! Thanks, Heather for reposting the snuggie blanket.

I can't remember who, but I know someone whose mother kept a running list of every book her daughter read. Now, whoever this friend of mine is, still keeps track of every book she's ever read. Isn't that amazing?!?!?

If you're out there and this is you that I am talking about, jog my memory and let us know. I love the idea.

Cristine said...

Plus Kohls has a deals on kids books - $5 each and this month it's Dr. Suess.
I know that my boys might be getting some for Easter -
I hope that Jack's b-day party went well.

Peggy said...

goal FISH ing

Thank you to my mysterious partner! I got your prompt today in the mail! mmmm, at first guess I'm thinking it's someone who is pictured on the first page of this blog! (Those participating, your partner can reveal, or be anonymous)

My mini goals for March:
1. Weed through and purge, craft magazines that I love to hoard, pull out the pages that might be useful, and recycle the rest. (I do about 2-3 every night)

2. Transfer pics from the computer to a CD and create digi scrap books, sort of, label and date them

Maybe others might find my mini goal suggestions helpful!!
Happy Day y'all!

Julie said...


Welcome back, Cassie P!!

What a busy few days I missed! I trust that I have rainbows waiting for me in AZ, but for the week I'm in PA.

Have a great day!!

~ Julie

Nicole Zirnheld Aldridge said...

Books! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Snuggie! They are awesomely warm!

Tarrah said...

SNUGGIE! I just bought one last week and it is the best thing ever! Plus the booklight is fantastic!

Devil Dog said...

Snuggie's getting some votes in the final hours.

Margaret is So Cool said...


Because reading is fundamental!!

Plus it was just Dr. Suess's Bd this past month.

Add!! I am a Pi Beta Phi alum and our main philanthrophy is about reading, literacy and "First Book", so I am allllllll about the reading!!

Dan said...
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