Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness Monday

Good Monday Morning Highlowaha! It's Heather here with another round of March Madness.

Selection Sunday has occurred and we all know if our team made the tournament. All the sports fanatics are gearing up for the first weekend of March Madness and meanwhile here at highlowaha we are engaged in our second week of March Madness tournament action pitting creative teams against one another for the hottest creative ideas of the past year. Last week we saw Team Iowa and Team California breeze through to the second round of the tournament.
This week will determine what two other teams will make their way to the semi-finals.

Over the month of March these eight teams will put their most creative ideas, products, websites, resources, recipes, and more on center court. While each team has a winning line-up of ideas, they are only allowed to present one star idea at a time. We, the spectators, then get to vote on that day's M.V.P... or as the case may be, M.V.I. The team with the winning idea then advances to the next round of play. So it goes until Monday, March 30 when we face off for the championship game.

emember that YOUR vote determines which team advances. We had a great round of voting last Thursday and I'd love to see that same energy as we decide who moves on today. Will it be
Cleveland's Creatives or Texas Tidbits?

Google Text
Have you ever called Directory Assistance (411) to get a phone number or address? That cost big bucks every time you press those three little numbers. There’s a new number in town that will get you the same results, but it’s free! Are you looking for the phone number or address of Ben & Jerry’s in Arlington, Texas?
Use Google Text! Simply send a text message with the name of the business you’re searching for followed by the city and state to 466453 (GOOGLE) and you’ll get a text message with a reply. Go ahead, try it…we know you want to! Best of all, it’s free (or the cost of texting if you don’t have it in your phone plan).

***OR*** is a really cute web site for us hungry girls. The founder has a cookbook, and she has a FREE daily email newsletter, with great tips and diet tricks. EVERYONE should subscribe to it! She gives great substitutions, and has re-worked many recipes. She is also getting ready to come out with a new cookbook of 200 under 200. 200 recipes under 200 calories each.

Some examples of her wonderful recipes, most of which are single portions, are:

FAKE FRENCH FRIES – made out of butternut squash baked on a cookie sheet

ALFREDO SAUCE – made with laughing cow cheese

PIZZA – cute individual pizzas made with a crust made of crushed up Fiber One Cereal and some egg beaters made into a flat crust browned in a small skillet. Add toppings and voila!

How to Vote: Simply go into the comments section and enter googletext or, voting closes at 7pm CST.


Follow the Rainbow: Have you sent your rainbow to Surprise, AZ for our Suprise, Surprise stunt? If not you probably have time if you get it in the mail today. Don't forget this is a patch yielding event AND you'll have the chance to win an awesome prize along with it. Just drop any kind of homemade rainbow in the mail to Julie Schnepp 16630 N. Reems Rd. #1064 Surprise, AZ 85374

Take the Cake: The picture you see to the right comes courtesy of a fantastic highlowaha reader in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately it is the only nomination we've received for the Woman who takes the cake award. So...don't forget this is a fun, free way to honor a woman who truly does take the cake. Send your nominations no later than this Wednesday, March 18th via email to We can't let Claudia win or she'll be baking a cake for herself.


maureen said...

As an avid user of 411 I must admit its so expensive. I vote for Google Text.

I am also sending the answers to my questions from Saturday!

How do I feel about getting older?
I feel the same way I did when I was a kid. I just dont like thinking that my life is already half over.

Who is the most influential person I know?
I would have to say my husband. When it comes to family I didnt have much to work with.

How do I feel when I hear a man praise his wife?
I feel happy that they are so happy. My husband praises me all the time. It makes you feel like you are loved.

If I could be invisible for a day, I would hang out at...
The Vatican

When did I maintain a disguise?

If I found out I had a life-threatening disease, who would I tell first?
My husband Chris.

Have a good day everyone!

Bean Counter said...

I use a service similar to Google Text...I use a service called ChaCha. You can ask cha cha any question and they will answer it for's great! So, while I think that Google Text is great, given my new year's resolution to get back to the shape I was in 2 years ago...I must vote for Hungry Girls! I'm excited for this 200 under 200!

cassie p said...

im gonna have to vote for googletext. it could definitely come in handy!!!

lindsaymarie said...

googletext! i'm saving the number in my phone now. =)

Peggy said...

Not to change the subject, but that's what I'm here for!!!! Here's another FREE way to get info.... 1-800 FREE 411
you'll have to listen to a message, it takes a few extra moments, but it's free!!!

I'll check the other sites out in a bit!

And really... Claudia does take the CAKE, why don't we recognize her, give her a toast! here here! or a Roast (you know what Claudia does while eating her sweet cereal once a year?) Make it her day! She deserves one too.


Heather said...

I agree with you Katie...Hungrygirl seems like it will help Bal and I out with the weight loss/getting into shape.

So it has my vote.

Kat said...

One Hungry Girl vote from me!

Margaret said...

I am a hungrey girlZ!!

Cruise Director said...

Hmmm.... Google text might have come in handy when we were in Philly with Taste of USA and finding that perfect Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.... OH! I'm in a fitness contest and I have to weigh in today. We have two full weeks left and our final weigh in is on the 31st... I better forget the Philly Cheesesteaks and vote for HungryGirl! Do you think she has a substitute for a cheesesteak?

Devil Dog said...

If all the world were placed on a Technology Continuum, you might have Bill Gates on one end and I would be on the other end. If you know me well at all, this will not come as a surprise.

My vote, therefore, has to go to Hungry Girls.

Speaking of hungry girl... How about that Take the Cake Award? Thanks to PPDC for the nomination and to Peggy for the kind words. BUT... if I win (BY DEFAULT, mind you) highlowaha would have failed!!! Our worlds are full of women who surprise us, impress us, inspire us, motivate us, and just flat out leave us feeling like better people just for knowing them.

Take 10 minutes, write one paragraph of 200 words or less, and help us recognize one of them!!! Paragraphs can be sent to our gmail account.

Chaotic said...

I am all for hungrygirl... and I plan on making those butternut french fries!!

Bean Counter said...

Seeing as how this month is all centered around women, I have to share this fun fact.

From my office window I am currently watching 100 VWIL (Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership ) students load up on buses to go march at the St. Patty's Day parade in NYC! These are students at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia where I do my internship. They are all so excited and proud to be going to the parade! Look for them in the parade tomorrow!

Katie O. said...

I'm eating lunch so I guess my stomach is leaning towards Hungry Girl... I do like the idea of Google Text though - I'm just one of those people who will never remember to use it.

Laura unable-to-sign-in said...

Google text sounds awesome! I'll send you a nomination for a woman that takes the's on my to-do list!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I vote for HungryGirl!!!
She keeps coming at you daily with GREAT ideas!! And, she is fun, too!

Quynh said...

I vote hungry girl.

Cruise Director said...

Peggy- Was your vote for Google Text or were you going to check out Hungry Girl before you voted?

Not including Peggy because I'm cornfused... the vote stands at
Google Text 4
Hungry Girl 10

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I was a no answer before... Hungry Girl

Peggy at work @@

Anonymous said...

Hugrey Girl

Karina said...

My vote- Google Text. I can see myself using google text... especially when I have to travel for work. But Hungry Girls sounds awesome too.