Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three Time Thursday

Today is the day when all things come in threes. This started with a sand glass at bath time. The boys love taking baths and left up to their own devices would spend hours playing in the water with their toys. We purchased a sand glass, so we had some kind of tool to manage their time and their expectations of how long bath time would last. The agreement is, once body and hair is washed, the boys can play in the bath tub for two turns of the sand glass. EXCEPT on Thursdays. On Thursdays we do all of our favorite things three times. We get three turns of the sand glass at bath time, three books at book time, three cookies for dessert, three kisses, three hugs, and three toys of their choice to accompany them to bed.

We don't waste time while driving in the car, taking walks, or listening to people talk either. We search for the number three in street signs, license plates, and house addresses. We look for objects in a sequence of three - three pumpkins at Halloween, three American flags hanging in a row, three dogs being walked, three fire hydrants along the street, three people running - anything and everything that we can spot in groups of three. When people talk, we listen for the number three - $3 while standing in the supermarket line, #-9317 when exchanging phone numbers, 3 years old when telling our age, and on and on and on. Matthew turns four in April, so I've thought about switching from Three Time Thursday to Four Time Friday. How can I do that? And give up _______________ Friday?!?!?!? Not a chance!

Now for a grown up version...

I have a dream that I will play by my own rules and work harder at honoring Thank You Thursday. I once received an article from a friend about the president of Harvard University - arguably one of the more demanding and time consuming jobs a person could have. Yet, this man scheduled time each week to sit down and craft thank you notes to a handful of people he felt were deserving. If we stop and think about it, there are at least a few people a week we could thank for making our life a better place (friends, parents, colleagues, mailman, pharmacist, preschool teachers, etc...). So pledge along with me. Each Thursday you will present at least one person with a thank you - written, verbal, edible...whatever strikes your fancy. I'll start...
  • Thank you Amy for knowing just when to call and brighten my day.

  • Thank you Cassie for inviting me on a much needed walk yesterday. Your company and the conversation was just what the Dr. ordered.

  • Thank you Debbie for the adult responses you've sent to my blogs all week. It is the hardest I laugh all day.

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