Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have I Got A Deal For You!

After a few internet problems, here is today's entry...

First. After only a couple of days we've already had close to 100 visitors. Thank you! It is especially fun to post a blog each day when you know you've got some viewers on the other end. Already I have some inquiries as to why the blog is named highlowaha, with the suggestion that I add the name's origin to my intro. This is kind of like getting to chapter 7 or 8 of a book and suddenly realizing how the book received its title. Rather than simply tell you, I thought I could create a fun little challenge (you should expect nothing less based on the premise of my website). Help me reach 5,000 hits, by passing my blog onto your friends or by being a loyal visitor yourself. The day after I hit 5,000, I will post the fun explanation. Post your prediction on the month and date you think it will happen and if you come closest, I'll send you a Random Act of Kindness through the mail.

Second. Valentine novelties are on sale for anywhere from 60-75% off at places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann's Fabric, and Target. While many of the clearance items are red, quite a few are pink and purple - both colors that could work for Easter. The same is true after Christmas when all things red and green go on sale -tissue paper, ornaments, containers, etc.... Many of those items could be tucked away and used to do something creative at either Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. What about Halloween when prominent colors are black, orange, green, and purple? Orange and green carry us nicely into Thanksgiving. You get the gist. Sale items from one holiday can be used to create something thoughtful for another occasion. I bought three red lip magnets for ten cents a piece. Maybe I'll use them to tack a note of encouragement to the refrigerator for each of my sons or maybe I'll stick them to my mail box with a thank you note to the mail man. Either way... red lips can be used for something. How about you? Can you find something on sale by Monday that can be used to for an upcoming occasion?

Signing off until tomorrow...

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