Monday, February 25, 2008

Cartoon Tuesday

Cartoon Tuesday is the one day of the week that has changed over time. It used to be Tumble Tuesday, but morphed into Cartoon Tuesday when we moved from Kentucky to Texas and Tuesday tumble classes were no longer offered at the preschool.

Cartoon Tuesday has worked out well. While the Today Show is standard fare in our house on most weekday mornings, on Tuesdays it is all about Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog. The boys watch two cartoons of their choice, back to back, feeling like they've died and gone to heaven. As for me... I steal the 30 minutes they are held captive to empty trash cans around the house (Trash Tuesday) in preparation for pick up later in the morning. An added bonus is that on the other six mornings that the boys beg to watch cartoons, I have the perfect explanation - "Not today, it's not Tuesday." Then they go on about their business making a mess and a lot of noise.

As a side note.... As your kids get older, Cartoon Tuesday can turn into Car Tune Tuesday. This can give them control over the radio station you listen to on your way to and from school, sports practice, or just a trip to the grocery store.

Now for the grown-up version...

Telephone Tuesday. Life has a funny way of slipping by. I find that before I know it, three months have passed since I last spoke to my college and graduate school friends - the same friends I made pacts with, promising we would never be like those "other women" who just couldn't seem to hold it all together. I don't especially enjoy talking on the phone, but each Tuesday I try to select one neglected friend or family member and give them a call (usually on my cell phone, while driving somewhere, but if you're reading this mom and dad... while safely sitting on my living room couch). It's a small gesture, but over time, the periodic Tuesday phone calls have allowed me to stay in touch with people who might have fallen out of my network due to guilt. Jennie, if you're reading this and on the phone, get off. Today is your lucky day!

Tune in tomorrow for ______________ Wednesday!

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